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Material *
The material I have chosen is “leatherette”, which I learned is NOT leather but a vinyl with a soft feel and matte finish. They also have REAL leather, but NOT in pink. Would you prefer the leatherette or leather? I'll attach the colors available in leather.
Color *
The pink is available in leatherette, but NOT in LEATHER. but verify it’s the pink you want. It’s the only pink they have except for a “powder” pink, which looks more beige to me. The whole box will be pink. In the photos, the pink color is the leatherette, the mauve color is the leather.
Size of Reveal Box *
The box is available as an 8x10 box or 11x14 box, please select which size you would like.
Mats *
The prints fit into mats, which you can then take out and look at or frame the ones you like. The mats are available in the sizes of 8x10 and 11x14, of course the prints themselves to fit in the mat will be smaller, to be able to fit in. So if you can let me know if you’d like the largest size possible or a smaller size.