so many ways to treasure your memories...

Congratulations on your Paris proposal or engagement photo session in Paris! 

Included in your Picture Me Paris photos session package are digital copies of your images, JPG files which can be downloaded. These digital images are fantastic for sharing on social media or through email, or even creating a slide show to show family and friends.

Digital images are great, and convenient. But, you can't hold them. You can't feel them. You can't see them regularly, in your home. It's my goal to not only provide you convenient digital copies of your Picture Me Paris images, but to create Paris artwork you'll treasure and love.

Below you'll find several beautiful options to display your artwork, if you don't see something you like, let me know and we can create something custom for you!



Picture Me Paris Photo Options



artwork for your wall, display your love in your home

+ Set of 3 prints, lustre paper, 2 8x10, 1 5x7 (unframed & unmatted so you can decorate as you wish)

+ Set of 2 prints, lustre paper, 2 8x10 (unframed & unmatted so you can decorate as you wish)

+ 24x36 print, lustre paper (unframed & unmatted so you can decorate as you wish)

You select the images you'd like from your online gallery and they'll be printed with a professional print lab on high quality, long lasting paper with excellent color reproduction. 



display your beautiful images in a keepsake photo album, you select the images you want (up to 20)