In general, I'm not strict and love working with my clients to achieve their goals and enjoy that Paris magic. That said, here are the official Picture Me Paris policies, please note that upon booking you'll receive a Picture Me Paris general photography agreement, that outlines any updates to this policy. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


General Portrait Photo Session Agreement

This is a standard portrait photo session agreement between you ("Client") and Picture Me Paris ("Photographer") for photography services. Please review it for important information and electronically sign it below by typing your first and last name in the box, and clicking submit. 

Sessions are not considered confirmed and reserved until this Agreement has been electronically signed below. Client will receive confirmation email with details on the session after completing the agreement.

Reservation Fee & Payment
All photography sessions are payable in advance. After Photographer reserves session for Client, that time is locked and reserved.  


After this agreement is returned, Client's rate is locked and guaranteed.

General Cancellation Policy

Cancellations require at least fourteen  (14) days' notice via email to contact@picturemeparis.com. If Client notifies Photographer of cancellation at least fourteen (14) days before scheduled photo session start, the entire amount paid will be refunded. 

Cancellation Policies with less than 14 days' notice

Photo sessions cancellations with less than fourteen (14) days' notice are not refundable, including last minute cancellations. Options then, are:

  • Client can reschedule their session (based on availability only) or use their payment toward another photo session of equal value at another date when they'll return to Paris (valid for one year and based on availability). 

  • Client can gift the session to another person toward a photo session of equal value (valid for one year and based on availability). A voucher will be provided.

No Shows

If a Client simply does not show up for their photo session, no refund will be offered and there is no possibility to reschedule. 

Surprise Proposals

If Client decides not to propose, the options are:

  • Client can reschedule (based on availability only) or use the payment toward another photo session of equal value at another date when they will be in Paris (valid for one year and based on availability).

  • Client can gift the session to another person toward a photo session of equal value (valid for one year and based on availability). A voucher will be provided.

PLEASE NOTE: All surprise proposals require contact via email, SMS or Whatsapp for final confirmation at least 24 hours' in advance of the surprise proposal session.


Please note, as it rains all the time in Paris, particularly in the winter, sessions are done RAIN OR SHINE. 

Weather-related options:

OPTION 1: If it's raining or rain is in the forecastbe prepared for rainy weather. Use umbrellas, bridges, and cafes (to shield from the weather) as needed. Client is responsible for providing their own umbrella. If possible, a clear umbrella works well, or if Client would like a pop of color in their images, a colored umbrella can look beautiful in the images. 

OPTION 2: Reschedule for another day or time If rain is in the forecast and Client wishes to reschedule, Client may do so if  Photographer has time in schedule (this is subject to availability). Session can be the next day, or a future date if Client will be returning to Paris (schedule permitting). Client should understand that particularly if visiting in the autumn or winter, there is a high probability of rain. Client must reschedule at least 48 hours before the session and check the weather forecast. Client must email contact@picturemeparis.com for reschedule requests. 

OPTION 3: Cancel the session completely

If Client determines that they absolutely do not want to begin their session because of rain, and Client cannot or does not wish to reschedule, Client will forfeit their payment and the session will be canceled. Cancellation requests must be sent via email to contact@picturemeparis.com

  • Client can reschedule (based on availability only) or use the payment toward another photo session of equal value at another date when they will be in Paris (valid for one year and based on availability).

  • Client can gift the session to another person toward a photo session of equal value (valid for one year and based on availability). A voucher will be provided.

Eiffel Tower Construction/Obstruction, Weather  & Special Events

The Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid monument in the world, but it is still a living, breathing part of the city that often changes and is part of city and world celebrations (such as Paris being awarded the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, Paris Fashion Week). Client should be aware that the Trocadero area and Palais de Chaillot area across from the Eiffel Tower, with one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower (and where we often photograph) is sometimes closed due to special events, construction, or other unforeseen circumstances. These closures are often not announced in advance and are not predictable. That said, Photographer will gladly photograph Client at a number of other locations with great views of the Eiffel Tower if there is construction at Trocadero or a special event has closed the area. There are no refunds due to the Trocadero area itself being inaccessible, rather, alternatives will be provided, such as photography from the Bir Hakeim bridge.

Also, often there are instances which obscure views of the Eiffel Tower. Anything from construction equipment, cranes, banners which hang across the Eiffel Tower, a tennis ball hanging from it to celebrate the French Open, for example. Photographer cannot control these instances and in the case of obstruction, Client can choose to photograph with obstruction or move to another Paris location. Refunds are not offered due to obstruction of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is a beautiful city and there are many other beautiful photo opportunities. 

Additionally, occasionally the weather in Paris produces thick fog (mostly in autumn and winter) and very rarely one cannot see the Eiffel Tower at all, or can only see a portion of it. If fog is an issue, session can be rescheduled for a time when the fog lifts, or session can proceed with the fog, which often makes for dreamy and romantic portraits. Or if fog is too severe, Client can choose another Paris location for their session. There are no refunds offered due to fog at the Eiffel Tower.

Photography Locations

Photographer provides photography services in areas of public access, such as parks, along the river, near the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum etc. Photographer is not able to provide photography services inside at private commercial spaces such as hotels  or restaurants, as those are commercial establishments and often require commercial photography permits and special permission to photograph on their premises. Client should inquire with any questions on this policy.

Client Being Late and No Shows

Photographer will hold Client's photo session a maximum of 15 minutes from the agreed meeting time. For example, if the session is at 8:00 am and it's 8:20 am and Photographer has not heard from Client, the session will be canceled. If Photographer is notified at 8:00 am that Client is a few minutes late, Photographer will hold session a maximum of 15 minutes (i.e. to 8:15 am). If Client does not show within that time, the session will be canceled. Client will not be issued a refund for the deposit, or the full amount if paid in full. Photographer will not hold sessions if Client is more than 15 minutes late and there is no contact. Traffic in Paris is generally very heavy and Clients should plan for transportation to the meeting point to take between 30-60 minutes.

Photographer can be contacted via mobile SMS, Whatsapp, or email (contact@picturemeparis.com) with updates. The number is +33 0751423578 (dial 00 in front of the number if you're calling from a US cell phone). Access to free wifi can be found in most hotels, cafes and most Paris parks.

Splitting Photo Session Time

All photo sessions must be done concurrently and on the same day. Client may not split the session time (i.e. one hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon, or one hour one day and one hour the next). 

Changing Date, Start Time or Duration of Photo Session

Once booked, photo sessions are confirmed for the date and time Client has specified. If Client has a conflict and wishes to change the date and/or time of their session, they must do so at least 14 days' in advance to contact@picturemeparis.comModifications to dates and times are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Client should ensure that the date and time of their session will work with their schedule upon booking.

If Client wishes to change the duration of their session (i.e. from two hours, to one hour) Client will still be billed for the original session booked. No modifications can be made to duration of session after confirmation of booking. 

Going over Session Time
If Client has booked a hour (1) session and the session goes two (2) hours, or if Client books a two (2) hour session and it ends up being three (3) hours, Client will be invoiced an additional 100€ for each additional hour which extends over the original booking. Often Clients have other ideas for photographs that take more time, or have specific requests that do not fall into the session time booked, which results in the session being extended from the original booking. Photographer expects to be compensated for the extra time and will try to alert Client if the session is going over the booked time so this should not be a surprise. If Client and Photographer are traveling to another location via taxi, for example, this time is part of Client's session time, and the session time will not be extended due to traffic jams, etc. Photographer endeavors to work with Client to meet their needs.

Meeting Point

Photographer will be waiting for Client at agreed upon meeting point at the agreed time. Photographer will give Client directions ahead of the session, Client should ask if they need clarification. Client is responsible to show up on time and at the meeting spot agreed upon.

Prevention of Theft and Responsibility for Personal Items
Paris is a major tourist city, and like most tourist cities, unfortunately there are pickpockets at tourist sites. To minimize the possibility of personal theft during the photo session, Client should limit the amount they bring with them.  Photographer is not responsible for guarding of Client's belongings or protecting against theft. It is recommended to leave credit cards, passports, and other items of value in the hotel safe if possible.

Editing of Images
All images are professionally edited, each image individually, and with great care. Edits to adjust for brightness and color are performed so that the final result is a professionally completed image. Photographer does not do heavy editing or retouching of photos, such as:

  • Changing backgrounds

  • Removing people in the background (Photographer tries to avoid this in the images but it is often not possible in Paris due to the amount of people who visit)

  • Changing or altering facial features such as changing the shape of the nose, eyes, removing wrinkles or blemishes, removing eyeglasses, removing sweat on the skin, or changing skin color

  • Removing gray hair on the head, in a beard

  • Changing or altering the body including the color of clothing, altering images to make Client appear slimmer, taller, shorter, other otherwise changing body features

Client should make sure to indicate to Photographer during the session if there are certain angles they prefer to be photographed from or other concerns. Photographer does everything in their power during the photo session to ensure that final images will be of very high quality and pleasing to Client.

If Client has more specific requests in regard to editing, and wants more extensive editing after images are delivered, this service will be invoiced at 100€ an hour and is subject to the availability of the Photographer.

Image Delivery, Digital Storage of Images & Reactivation Fee

Client will receive the maximum number of images that correspond to their session package. For example, if Client's session includes 50 photos, Client will receive at least 50 images. Client will not receive all photos that are taken during the session, only those photos determined to be of sufficient and high quality are sent. Images delivered are at the Photographer's discretion and additional images are not available for purchase, however, Photographer is generous with the image delivery and will deliver as many as are suitable (i.e. those of high quality that do not include blinking eyes, etc).

Images sent are professionally edited, high resolution JPG files. Digital negatives (RAW files) are not available. Images will be available in the online portrait gallery for a period of 30 days. After this time, they will expire and no longer be available for download.

Client will receive an email welcome letter with a password protected link to their images via an online portrait gallery. The email will include directions on how to access the photos and download them. 

Client will have access to their professionally edited images for a period of 30 days in digital format, via online download (online photo gallery). After a period of 30 days, the images are no longer available and are deleted from the server. If Client requires access to their images after 30 days, a reactivation charge of 50€ will be assessed.

Photographer retains the edited images for a period of 6 months on their server, and after this date the images are deleted. Client is urged to download all images as soon as possible, archive them in at least one other place, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or an external hard drive. Client is also encouraged to print those images which they cherish for display in their home. 

Refunds are not offered. Refunds are not offered due to Client being unhappy with images/appearance (i.e. don't like hairstyle, don't like skin, don't like body shape). 

Cell Phone Photos or Video

Often Client requests images or video be taken on their personal cell phone. For liability reasons, Photographer is not able to handle Client's personal belongings such a cell phones. Therefore, no personal cell phone photography or video can be provided by Photographer.

Transportation to the meeting point is not covered in the cost of the session. Transportation during the session if required (i.e. metro, Uber, taxi), is not covered in the cost of the session. If changing locations in Paris during the session, Photographer will travel with Client to next location. Client should be prepared with euro cash for transportation costs, as many taxis in Paris do not accept credit cards. At least 20€ is recommended.

Extras Not Covered
Food, drinks, props (like balloons or flowers) and admission to museums or monuments  are not included in the price of the session. If Client wishes to have props like balloons, it is their responsibility to purchase them from a gift shop before the session. Photographer can advise on where Client can obtain balloons, flower shops are located on almost every street in Paris. Here is a list of party stores in Paris, which often carry balloons. https://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=partysupplies&find_loc=Paris

Model Release
This agreement serves as a model release giving the Photographer the right to use the photographs in all forms and in all media and in all manners without restriction as to changes or alterations, for advertising, trade, promotion, exhibition or any other lawful purposes. The Client recognizes and agrees that the Photographer may reproduce, publish (including internet), exhibit and otherwise use images created without specific identification of persons or events as samples of work to be shown to prospective clients, and as samples of work to be displayed for marketing. 

Artistic Rights
Photographer retains the right of discretion in selecting the photographic materials released to the Client.

Copyright and Reproductions
Photographer shall own the copyright in all images created and shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions for, including but not limited to, marketing materials, portfolio entries, sample products, editorial submissions and use, or for display within or on the Photographer’s website and/or studio. Client has a license for personal use of the images and may use the images in any personal fashion they see fit.

Failure to Perform
If Photographer is unable to perform this agreement due to illness, emergency, fire, casualty, strike, act of God or causes beyond the control of the Photographer, Photographer and Client shall make every attempt to reschedule the session or issue a full refund. Further, if Photographer is unable to deliver photographic materials due to technological malfunctions, including but not limited to camera and processing, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault of the Photographer, liability shall be limited.

Right of Photographer to cancel or change session
In the unlikely event that Photographer has to cancel a session or change a session time due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, Client will be refunded in full if Client cannot reschedule. Client will be given as much notice as possible.

Photographer shall be held harmless for any and all injury to client during the course of the photography session and the immediately surrounding events, including theft of personal items or personal injury resulting from falls, etc.