picture me paris photo stories

these are just a few of the amazing people i've had the good fortune to photograph, thank you so much to my amazing clients!

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married couple in love at paris eiffel tower

jessica & alvaro

This dynamic, recently engaged couple from Miami, Florida blew me away with their style and elegance. We spent a beautiful Saturday morning together exploring areas by the Eiffel Tower and Louvre. Don't you love her red hat? 

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surprise proposal in paris

alex & april

I had the pleasure of sharing a lovely, yet crisp winter afternoon in Montmartre with this beautiful couple. I was fortunate to be able to capture gorgeous images of their proposal and experience the sweet love they have for each other. It was an absolute joy to meet them and they are an inspiration.

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engaged couple in love at eiffel tower

aibobek & nurym 

This truly beautiful couple came to Paris for their holidays and to celebrate their upcoming wedding. Nurym was dressed in an elegant blue gown that made her look like a princess. They completed their style with a vivid bouquet of red roses, set against the background of Paris. It was a truly magical morning in Paris.

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surprise proposal at eiffel tower

kelly & wes

A beautiful summer morning session at the Eiffel Tower with two beautiful people--what could be better? Their warmth and friendliness was as bright as the sun!

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engaged couple at eiffel tower

jache & davina

I'll always remember Davina as the beautiful lady in red for this elegant Paris photo shoot. We began at the Eiffel Tower and finished at the Louvre during our session, and it was as radiant as the love between this couple.

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family photography in paris

stacey & family

I was so fortunate to spend part of the morning with this beautiful family visiting from Australia! They selected the charming neighborhood of Montmartre for their photo shoot and it was a super special day, because someone turned 2! We celebrated with a ride on the Montmartre carousel. Isn't it lovely? Thanks to this beautiful family for sharing their morning with me!

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engaged couple in paris

alicia & cory

This couple was a ton of fun to work with! Energetic and up for anything, we spent an amazing Paris morning, beginning at the Eiffel Tower and then making our way to the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens. 

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elegant couple in love in paris with eiffel tower

ilya & giselle

What a wonderful morning spent with these two lovebirds. Style, class, and sophistication were evident in nearly every frame, such a joy! We started at the Eiffel Tower and made our way to the charming islands around Notre Dame. What a gorgeous, sunny day with this beautiful couple!

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friends photo shoot in paris

raquel & friends

I absolutely loved meeting these ladies visiting Paris from Cleveland. They were friendly, charming, and filled with energy and positive vibes. We had tons of fun in the Eiffel Tower area, especially photographing the carousel, which dates to the Belle Epoque. Thank you ladies for choosing me to capture your time in Paris!

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surprise paris proposal

craig & samantha

I met this beautiful couple from the UK in the charming village of Montmartre, on the biggest hill in Paris. Craig proposed to Samantha at the famous Wall of I Love You's and from there we took some charming images of the newly engaged couple. It was so fun! Many wonderful wishes to them in their life together!

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wedding in paris

raquel & paul

This beautiful couple, along with their adorable, charming daughters, renewed their wedding vows along the shores of the Seine River in Paris on a gorgeous, sunny day. It was so beautiful and heartwarming, I absolutely loved this family! I wish them continued happiness and joy!

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surprise proposal in paris

donovan & lindsay

A couple truly made for each other, I so enjoyed our surprise proposal on the Pont Alexandre Bridge, and meeting this beautiful couple. The love emanated from their eyes and we spent a lovely, sunny Paris evening together. I wish them both the absolute best!

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elegant couples photo session in paris

corina & david

This very sweet, elegant couple were on a European cruise and stopped for a day in Paris. It was a gray, misty Sunday morning, but we felt like we had a lot of Paris to ourselves as we traveled from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame. I so enjoyed chatting with them and spending this magical Paris morning with this very special couple!

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engaged couple in paris

andrew & kayleigh

I was so glad Andrew contacted me for an Eiffel-tower inspired engagement photo session! His fiancée Kayleigh was so pretty, so sweet, and so kind—it was an amazing time spent with this couple from the United States who have a beautiful, youthful elegance and vitality about them. Many happy wishes to them both in their life together!

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engaged couple at louvre museum in paris

katherine & kevin

A beautiful morning spent at the Eiffel Tower, Tuileiries Gardens and the Louvre, so romantic! I loved working with this fun and easygoing couple.

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family photography in paris

mary & family

Dressed beautifully and colorfully, it was an absolute delight to spend time with Mary and her daughters, to get to know them a little bit, dodge a few summer rain showers, and have some great laughs too. It's wonderfully nice people like Mary and her family that make my job so interesting and fun. Thanks Mary and daughters for a wonderful afternoon!

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surprise proposal in paris

charles & maura

Charles had contacted me because he wanted to plan the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Maura in Paris. Something with a view of the Eiffel Tower, but not the Eiffel Tower itself. He selected the gorgeous Pont d’Alexandre, the most ornate bridge in Paris, for their special moment. After the big moment, we spent a lovely morning together exploring the Tuileries Gardens, the Louvre courtyard, and we ended at the magical Pont des Arts bridge and Place Dauphine. 

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married couples photography in paris

andrea & bill

I had the good fortune to photograph this spellbinding couple from Canada on a warm, sunny Paris day. We explored three areas of the city, starting at the Eiffel Tower, then making our way to the Louvre and finally, Notre Dame. Andrea had a change of outfits and brought along some great props that really lent a special something to the images. It was such a pleasure photographing this wonderful couple!

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engaged romantic couple in paris

ada & jason

I was contacted by this lovely couple from Toronto for a three-hour photo session, and was so happy to meet them! Fun, dynamic and up-for-anything, we started our session at the Eiffel Tower, on a picture perfect spring day. From there, we went to the Louvre, stopped for a quick snack and drink at Le Nemours cafe, and then to the Latin Quarter for some beautiful shots around Notre Dame and by the river. I loved Ada’s outfits, as she brought a change of clothing, and I think they both looked amazing. Such a pleasure to work with them!

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surprise proposal in paris

mikele & jen

It was a beautiful morning on the Pont des Arts when I met this charming couple. There, on what was the love locks bridge, he asked her to spend forever with him and she said yes. I then spent the most enjoyable morning walking around the beautiful sights of Paris with this charming and friendly couple. We laughed, shared, and when it was over, I was sad to leave. I wish them so much happiness in their new lives together!

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engaged couple at eiffel tower in paris

tommy & kate

This super elegant couple from south of London was amazing to work with on a gorgeous April Paris evening. Just married, they exuded love, elegance and class. I’m so glad they contacted me to capture their mini-moon in Paris, and I wish them tons of love and all the best for a bright future together! Thank you Tommy and Kate!

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engaged couple in montmartre paris

yoshio & juliet

A beautiful day in Paris, with a beautiful newly engaged couple from Seattle, Washington. I absolutely loved Juliet’s colorful skirt and really enjoyed exploring my favorite parts of Montmartre with this dynamic couple. Thank you for bringing so much color to my life!

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couple kissing in rain in paris

adrian & nayelly

I was honored to be a part of this sweet couple's surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower. They were an absolute dream to work with and I thought their love was so inspiring, a try thing of beauty!

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engaged couple in paris

ryan & jenelle

Ryan and Jenelle were celebrating their engagement in Paris, visiting for the first time. This friendly and pretty couple from Canada were a joy to spend the morning with. We started our session on the beautiful bridge of Alexandre and made our way through the green Tuileries Gardens, to the courtyard of the Louvre, visited the royal gardens and ended on the Pont des Arts. It was a really fun and relaxing morning!

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paris fashion photo shoot


Elegance personified. That’s how I describe Dani, who was visiting Paris from Sydney, Australia. What a charming, sophisticated, and lovely person! I really enjoyed Dani’s fashion sense as we photographed around the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. It was so fun!

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pregnancy photo shoot paris

sofya & sergey

This elegant couple from New York City were a joy to work with. They’re expecting their new baby and so we did a combination of maternity focused shots as well as couples images. We started at the Eiffel Tower area and made our way to the Louvre. I was impressed with their style and the easy way in which they interacted with each other. They’re going to be fantastic parents, thank you so much for spending your Saturday morning with me!

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elegant couples photography in paris

dirushka & yash

I was blown away by this stunning couple from South Africa. Their elegant refinement was evident in every frame. Not only that, they were warm and friendly and I enjoyed not only photographing them, but chatting about our life experiences and of course, Paris. How lucky am I to meet people like this?

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surprise proposal in versailles

ümit & aylin

This was something of a dream shoot for me. Ümit contacted me many months before to plan a very special proposal for his girlfriend Aylin. From Germany, they were coming to Paris for the first time together, and he wanted to do something very unique, so he suggested the Palace of Versailles. Anyone who has been to Versailles knows how gorgeous it is, and I was so excited to help plan the proposal. We selected a beautiful statue called the Temple of Love, on the estate of Marie Antoinette for the proposal, and then roamed around the estate for engagement images I hope they’ll treasure for a lifetime. This was such a fun day, thanks so much to this wonderful couple!

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surprise proposal eiffel tower paris

john & kelly

I was so proud of John. He managed to get his beautiful girlfriend Kelly to our meeting spot without her suspecting a thing. Seeing her emotion, I couldn’t help but shed some tears myself. It was such a sweet moment, and in the time we spent afterward photographing this magical moment around the Eiffel Tower is a time I won’t forget. This sweet, kind, and energetic couple from Chicago melted my heart, and made me so glad I do what I do.

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family photo shoot in paris

gaya family

What do you get when you take a beautiful mom-to-be, a stylish dad, and an impossibly adorable three-year old and put them in Paris? Adorable family photos with Paris as a backdrop! I loved working with this family, and wish them so much happiness with the new addition to their family!

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friends photoshoot paris

fatima & friends

Wow! This was the word that came out of my mouth when Fatima and her friends arrived on the parvis of the Eiffel Tower, our meeting spot for our photo session. The gorgeous colors of each person’s outfit dazzled my eye. Along with the cloudless, deep blue sky, I knew this shoot in Paris would be my most colorful. Paris is often cloudy and dreary, but these beautiful ladies with their magnetic and charming personalities plus the bright sun, were a feast for the eyes. How wonderful that they spent this time together celebrating birthdays and friendships. I loved meeting them all and I’m so glad I had the chance to work with them.

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newlywed photo shoot in paris

tammy & brian

I had the good fortune to work with these gorgeous newlyweds to capture their time in Paris. They both looked so sharp, and I loved the detail on Tammy's dress. They were sweet and funny and a joy to photograph! I wish them so much happiness in their married life.

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family photography in paris

kamal & family

How fortunate am I, that I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful and joyful family? Not only that, we were also celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary. My time with this family was so meaningful, my heart was filled with joy the entire rest of the day!

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romantic couples photography in paris

aaron & jenn

I met this wonderfully charming and kind couple from the U.S. at the Eiffel Tower on a chilly, early May day, which ended with a bit of sun popping out at the end. Jenn was dressed in a gorgeous deep blue dress that popped in almost every photo. This elegant couple wanted to take some engagement photos while in Paris, and they even asked if we could go by the Champs Elysées, which was so much fun! Of course, once there, we had to pop into the famous Ladurée shop for some macarons!

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surprise proposal in paris

manny & kyla

I absolutely loved meeting this couple, from my old stomping grounds of California. Their love is so sweet and precious, and they were also fun to spend time with. We explored several areas around the Eiffel Tower on a gorgeous evening. I wish them so much happiness in their lives together!

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surprise proposal in paris with eiffel tower

viven & shaista

When I first met this couple from South Africa I was wowed with how amazing they looked. I was honored to capture their proposal and then spend some time with them for engagement photos around the Eiffel Tower. But it didn’t take long to realize while they had incredible outer beauty, their real beauty was on the inside. Exceedingly kind and polite, and so fun to talk to, I felt like I’d known them for years. I love my work so much, to have the opportunity to meet people like Viven and Shaista, it’s really a blessing. Thanks to this remarkable couple for finding me and allowing me to capture their love in images I hope they’ll treasure their entire lives.

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family photography in paris

rangasan family

It was really hard for me to participate in this photo session because my heart was bursting with fun and happiness. I can't remember when I've seen two cuter children! I was so happy to spend time with this beautiful family on their very first visit to Paris. We had emailed a head of the session, but still, when I met them, I felt like a part of their Paris family. From a carousel ride to posing in front of the beautiful pink blooms near the Eiffel Tower, this is one photo session I'll always cherish!

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couples photography in paris

chioma & chuma

What’s the best way to celebrate a birthday? Come to Paris, of course! Chioma contacted me to ask about a combo Paris couples/birthday photo session and from the minute we started discussing the possibilities, we hit it off. In person, it was even better. Visiting from the United States, this couple was a joy to work with and makes me appreciate the unique position I’m in—the opportunity to meet great people from all over the world. Look at how beautiful she looks, happy birthday Chioma!!

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family photography paris

brightlund family

An adorable two-year old and a kind, friendly set of parents. What more could I ask for during this super special Eiffel Tower photo shoot? I love photographing families, and this precious little boy was so fun, he loved to run and kept me on the go. His parents were just wonderful to work with. Thank you to this joyful family for spending some of your time in Paris with me!

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jean pierre & alisha

Magic. Thast's what this photo shoot was! A surprise proposal on a gorgeous Paris day and a couple so in love. My heart felt so happy spending time with this couple, congratulations!

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lillian & anthony

Possibly one of the most fun photo sessions I've ever done! This wonderful mom and son came to Paris for the first time and had a full schedule of Paris things to do, but they started the day with me at the Louvre courtyard, then on to the Royal Gardens and then to the Tuileries Gardens. They were fun and open minded and had great ideas for great photos. It was such a joy to meet them!

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romantic couples photography paris

tito & isabel


SI was so fortunate to meet this energetic and super fun couple from South Africa! In Paris to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they were bounding with energy and love for each other. I've never seen a couple so playful and who seemed to enjoy each other so very much, I found myself laughing a lot and the three hours we spent together traversing across Paris made my day! Which also happened to be my birthday and Isabel's too! We started at the Notre Dame Cathedral, then popped over to the Louvre and finished at the Eiffel Tower. What fun we had, and what a joy to meet them.

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anniversary photo shoot in paris

gregory & katiana

Celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary, it was such a pleasure to spend a Sunday afternoon in Paris with this beautiful couple from Miami. I was so happy to show them a bit of Paris and capture their love story to cherish forever!

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zaphiro & marius

This beautiful couple from South Africa has an enduring love story that spans 20 years. Visiting Paris for the first time, we explored the areas around the Eiffel Tower and the islands around Notre Dame. What I loved most about them was the way they laughed together, their closeness was very touching to me and Zaphiro's smile is one of the best I've ever seen!

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izaneiryd & shakeel

I was absolutely blown away by this couple! From the moment I met them, their warmth, friendliness and inner beauty overwhelmed me. Parents-to-be, and holidaying in Paris, they thought what better way to announce the news than with a Paris photo shoot! This gorgeous pair dazzled in every image, and we can’t wait to meet their bundle of joy! Many happy wishes to you both!

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lesbian marriage proposal in paris

seraina & carmela

It was a beautiful April evening, with the sun just going down, when I met Seraina and Carmela, visiting Paris from Switzerland. It was here on the Bir Hakeim bridge, with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower, that they became engaged. We then spent the next hour together photographing around the Eiffel Tower. I have never seen two people so in love, it warmed my heart so much, and we were able to get some beautiful images due to the lovely Paris evening. Capturing love in Paris, it’s what I love. Best wishes to this beautiful couple!

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newly engaged couple in paris

megan & justin

An early autumn's morning, spent with this charming and funny couple. What better way to spend your time in Paris? I loved their easygoing style and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to meet and photograph them! 

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individual photo shoot paris


I spent a wonderfully relaxing morning in Paris with this very accomplished lady, who was in town on business. Lourdes was looking for some corporate shots she could use on her web site and in her printed materials for her business. She had been to Paris many times, so knew the city well, but I tried to find some very scenic spots for her. I feel extremely honored to have had the opportunity to capture her during her time in Paris. Thank you, Lourdes!

anniversary couples photo shoot paris

keith & felisha

This beautiful couple from the United States were celebrating 30 years of wedded bliss. They were elegant and gracious, as we took beautiful images around the Eiffel Tower on a super hot day. I wish them every continued happiness!

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family photo session paris

dericksen family

What a treat it was to photograph this beautiful family in Paris! Despite there being a few rain showers, their bright outfits and smiles really made my day! The love they have for each other showed in each image and it was a wonderful experience to meet them!

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young couple surprise proposal paris

aaron & emily

Practically nothing makes my heart sing like a newly engaged couple. This special couple from the United States was so wonderful to work with! We started at the Eiffel Tower and ended up on the Ile St Louis for a beautiful late afternoon photo session.

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