Picture Me Paris Photo Packages for Couples

there are four couples packages, please scroll down to see them

Eiffel Tower Short & Sweet // Gold // Platinum // A Day at Versailles


Eiffel Tower Trocadero Short & Sweet Package

a short and sweet early morning 20 minute session at the Eiffel Tower

+ For a limited time, enjoy an Eiffel Tower Trocadero Short & Sweet session. Ideal for those who just want a few professionally created photos at the Eiffel Tower to treasure and to share with family and friends from their holiday in Paris. Please note: if you’re looking for surprise proposals, please click here.

+ All Short & Sweet packages take place mornings at 6:30 am, 7:00 am, 7:30 am and 8:00 am at the Trocadero area, with gorgeous panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower and that gorgeous early morning light.

+ What you receive:

  • 5 gorgeous professionally edited digital images in high resolution format, delivered to your very own personalized online portrait gallery within just 3 short days. You also have the option to purchase everything in your gallery if you love more.

  • A lasting memory from this special moment time, when you were in Paris with the one you love.

Duration: 20 minutes

Package rate: 199€

How to book or obtain more information

  • To reserve your session, you can check out my calendar of availability and select your perfect date and time, and book online.

  • Or, if you prefer, you can contact me for more information and a booking link.

  • NOT QUITE SURE? Need advice on the package that’s right for you? I’d be happy to help, click here! You may ask, what’s the difference between this package and the Gold Package? The Gold Package is for an hour of photography in various locations around the Eiffel Tower, not just Trocadero, for more variety and also includes 20 images.

Gold Photo Package

a fabulous experience in one Paris location such as the Eiffel Tower

+ Do you love the Eiffel Tower? I do too! Let’s meet at the most romantic symbol in the world, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and create romantic and dreamy photos of you and the one you love. This package at the Eiffel Tower includes 60 minutes of amazing photography and beautiful vistas of the world’s most visited monument from many vantage points including Trocadero, and others.

Not so into the Eiffel Tower? Then you can choose the Louvre, Montmartre, Notre Dame or one of the many colorful Paris gardens like the Tuileries Gardens or Luxembourg Gardens for your Gold Photo Package.

+ Available mornings between sunrise and 9:00 am

+ See an amazing Gold photo session at the Eiffel Tower here

+ What you receive:

  • 20 gorgeous professionally edited digital images in high resolution format, delivered to your very own personalized online portrait gallery within just 3 short days. You also have the option to order prints, because you'll definitely want a photo of the Eiffel Tower on your wall to remember the fun you had in Paris.

  • A lasting memory from this special moment time, when you were in Paris with the one you love.

Duration: 1 hour

Package rate: 299€

How to book or obtain more information

Platinum Photo Package

our most popular package, multiple locations, and maximum memories

+ Spend a morning with me for 2 hours exploring the beautiful highlights of Paris! Typically, we start at the Eiffel Tower (everyone loves the Eiffel Tower, right?), and then pop on over to the Louvre or Notre Dame for some Parisian charm. Not only will I capture your beautiful love story with amazing images to treasure, I’ll share a bit of Paris history too and we’ll have a lot of fun! This package allows to see a lot of Paris you may not see on your own, and with a Paris local who speaks your language! What could be better than that?

+ Available mornings between 7:00 am and 10:00 am (adjusted by the season)

+ See a beautiful example of a Platinum session here

+ What you receive:

  • 30 stunning professionally edited digital images in high resolution format, delivered to your very own personalized online portrait gallery within just 3 short days. You also have the option to order prints, because having a bit of Paris on your wall is always a good idea.

  • Amazing memories of your time in Paris, to love for a lifetime.

Duration: 2 hours

Package rate: 399€

How to book or obtain more information

**NEW FOR 2019!**

A Day at Versailles

a fun & royal couples session at the Palace of Versailles!

+ Feeling royal? The Palace of Versailles is the most famous chateau in all of France, and for good reason, the grounds are simply stunning. We’ll spend the better part of a day capturing your love story on the grounds at Versailles, including the little lanes, charming gardens, the lake and whatever your heart desires. This is a beautiful place to spend a day for your engagement session, honeymoon or anniversary! Because of the thousands of tourists that descend on Versailles each day, we’ll go right away in the morning and photograph on the grounds and not inside the palace itself. It’s a photo shoot fit for a king and queen!

+ We’ll leave Paris by RER train in the morning to arrive to Versailles when the gates open. We’ll spend 3-4 hours on the grounds creating timeless and breathtaking photos of you, and will then return to Paris in the late afternoon. Dress to impress, you’re going to the palace grounds, after all!

+ What you receive:

  • 40 stunning professionally edited digital images in high resolution format, delivered to your very own personalized online portrait gallery within just 3 short days. You also have the option to order prints, because having a bit of Versailles is a royal treat!

  • Entrance to the Versailles gardens for two, two round-trip train tickets, and a sandwich and drink at one of the outdoor cafés at Versailles.

  • A great tour guide, me! I’ll show you some amazing spots at Versailles where I love to photograph couples.

  • A unique and perfect souvenir of your time in France, a day you’ll never forget.

Duration: 6 hours

Package rate: 650€

How to book or obtain more information

Contact me for more information and a booking link.

Book Karina RIGHT NOW! You really don’t need to look at any other photographers in Paris, I promise. The photos I received from her BLEW me away. And my boyfriend loved the session as well (which says a lot, I think he was “meh” about it in the beginning). This session made our whole day. Karina is wonderful, she’s personable, and she made us relax so we could get amazing photos. The photos are still blowing me away!! This is truly the greatest souvenir you can buy - we now have stunning photos to cherish for a lifetime. THANK YOU KARINA!
— Samantha, United States

useful info

What are the rates?

Picture Me Paris photo experiences for couples start at 199€.

What's the best time of day for my photo session?

Our couples photo sessions in the morning, depending on the season, usually between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. This is best for nice daylight (and make you look even more beautiful!) and we'll have a few less tourists in our images. If you prefer an afternoon or evening session, please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss.

I’m interested in an engagement session, is this what you do?

Absolutely, but not exclusively! Picture Me Paris Couples photo sessions are designed for couples celebrating engagements, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, or just because they’d love some beautiful photos together in Paris. Many couples use their Paris engagement photos for their “Save the Date” wedding cards. Others share their photos with friends and family and print them for the walls in their home.

Which photo experience is right for me and do you have a photo planner I can read with some more information?

The PLATINUM is ideal for you if you haven’t been to Paris before and would like to see more of the city. Also great if you’ve been to Paris before but would like more variety in your photo locations.

The GOLD is ideal if you’re mostly interested in the Eiffel Tower or one other location, at the Eiffel Tower we’ll photograph you all around the Eiffel Tower at various locations with a variety of beautiful views.

The LIMITED TIME SUMMER 2019 EIFFEL TOWER MINI-SESSION is for those couples who want just a few beautiful photographs at the Eiffel Tower only.

Check the Couples Photo Planner for more detailed information.

If I want to order more images than what’s included in my package, what are those rates?

Optional add-on images (in addition to those included in your package)

5 digital images           60€ 
10 digital images        100€ 
20 digital images       150€

How do I find you for our session?

I’ll give you directions to our meeting location when your photo session is confirmed. Usually it's near a major metro station and quite easy to find.

What if I want props like balloons for my photo session?

Some people like balloons, flowers or other props for their photo session. I’ll send you more information on good places to find props after your booking upon request.

What should I wear for my photo session?

Paris is an elegant city, with elegant architecture. If you dress up a bit your photos will look much lovelier than if you wear casual clothing, but the choice is yours. Most couples realize it isn’t every day they’re in Paris, so they go all out. Some ladies wear ball gowns or long dresses, shorter dresses and sometimes stylish trousers. Men often wear a suit and tie, but just as often a nice dress shirt with nice slacks. This is the one time in your life, where you’re in the world’s most romantic city, to really go all out and have fun with your wardrobe. After booking I’ll give you more wardrobe tips.

Can you recommend a makeup artist or hair stylist?

Absolutely, I can send you a list of professional makeup artists and hair stylists in Paris after your booking upon request.

What's the weather like?

It rains a lot in Paris and is often cloudy. The good news is that the city is beautiful in the rain, it actually shimmers. It's always a good idea to take an umbrella along with you, especially in the winter. Our sessions are done rain or shine, but I'll send you more information on weather options. In the meantime, check out the rainy day gallery here, and you can see how beautiful Paris is in the rain. A lot of my clients get really worried about rain, they worry their photos won't turn out, they worry they may get wet. As it rains so much in Paris, we have to work with the weather or we'd never get out if we never went out in the rain. Instead of fearing the rain, think of it as a romantic Paris adventure, to be able to share an umbrella with the ones you love in the Paris rain, it's distinctly Parisian. Last winter it rained every single day in Paris, I shot beautiful, romantic rainy images of couples in the rain.

Average rainy days in Paris, France by month

Average rainy days (rain/snow) in  Paris, France

How do we get around?

Transportation is not included but you can get anywhere in Paris fairly quickly by public transport, such as metro, bus, taxi or Uber. Transportation during our session, if required (i.e. taxi), is not covered in the cost of your session. Most transport costs are between 10-20€ for anywhere we will go. Please make sure you have euro cash, as most taxis in Paris do not accept credit cards. I also highly recommend Uber, as it works quite well in Paris and then you don’t have to have cash with you.

I’d like to book a gender reveal or maternity shoot, is this possible?

Absolutely! Just book a couples photo shoot and we can create beautiful and memorable gender reveal or maternity images for you.

Booking, payment & cancellations

Booking is super easy! You may click on the BOOK button and you’ll be taken to my calendar with a list of available dates and times and book directly. Payment can be by major credit card. Full payment is requested at the time of booking, but if your plans change, and you need to cancel your photo session, you may do so without penalty with at least fourteen (14) days' notice. With 14 days’ notice, your payment will be refunded in its entirety. More details will be sent after your booking. You can reach out to me directly with questions here.

More questions

Have more questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

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