Family Photo Gallery

Nothing is more precious than spending time with family in Paris, capture your memories to look back on in the years to come with happiness and joy! Here is a small selection of wonderful families I've photographed in Paris. You can see many more on my blog. I love photographing families!

While Paris can often be gray and gloomy (and rainy) for much of the year, I try to infuse my art with color and light. You'll notice my style is bright and airy, sometimes a bit moody or dramatic, depending on the feel of the image or the particular moment we're capturing of your family I love trees, flowers, and architectural details, and infuse my work with them. I also encourage clients to wear color, even in the winter a pop of bright color, in the form of a scarf, for example, can make a huge difference. You'll also notice that I try to create a romantic mood or feeling, you are visiting Paris with those you love, and your artwork should reflect your feelings, set against the glorious backdrop of Paris.