where to propose at the eiffel tower?

 This is known as the "parvis" of the Eiffel Tower, and is a popular spot to propose, but lacks privacy, there are always people around

I can't wait to meet you for your Proposal in Paris! You've selected the Eiffel Tower to propose. This document is to help identify the areas around the Eiffel Tower that you prefer for your proposal.

I have a lot of experience photographing proposals around the Eiffel Tower, and therefore can offer you my expertise as to what's the best spot for you and also for photography.

A lot of clients look at images on the Internet and then get back to me and tell me that they want to propose at a particular spot they see online. That is great, however, as I've done hundreds of surprise proposals as a photographer, I know from experience the best places for the surprise proposals in terms of images.

The Eiffel Tower has an average of 25,000 visitors A DAY. That means, depending on the time of day, you're going to have a lot of people in your images, but I minimize that with my knowledge of the various areas. We can always do photos in a location you've seen after the proposal, but for the proposal itself, it's very important we select one of the locations on this list to ensure that you don't have tons of people in your images, or worse yet, people walking in front of you, ruining the images, when you're on one knee.

If you have a special request, by all means, don't hesitate to ask me, I'm happy to offer you my expertise as a surprise proposal photographer in Paris and a Paris resident.

Please read through the following and go ahead and select your proposal spot. 


bir hakeim bridge

Why this is a great spot for a proposal

This is my client's #1 favorite spot for a proposal away from very heavy tourist crowds but with a gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower and river from the west side of the Seine river. There are some tourists here (and sometimes photo shoots), but usually they do not stay long before they move on. This provides a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower in all her glory with the added benefit of being a very scenic bridge. It's also just one or metro stop from the main stop for the Eiffel Tower (Trocadero), where you can get off the metro at Passy or Bir Hakeim stops, so it makes it quite convenient if you'd like to have photos here, then head back over to the main area of the Eiffel Tower.

The spot you see above, is the ideal spot for the proposal, and it's where I do all of the proposals at Bir Hakeim bridge. If there's another spot you see on the bridge you like, we'll photograph there after the proposal, but in my experience as a surprise proposal photographer, this is the best location. It's actually across from the bridge itself on a look out over the Eiffel Tower.

How do you get your significant other to this spot? Tell them you want to take a nice walk to the pretty bridge 'over there'. Or if you're a movie fan, tell them you want to see the bridge where they filmed Inception, the movie with Leo DiCaprio. It's a seven minute walk from the main Eiffel Tower area to here. 

Click HERE to see a video tour of the area (it was shot before leaves were on the trees)

Best time of day for a proposal here

Mornings there are not many people here usually. Afternoons are busier, especially on weekends (Saturdays are very popular for wedding photos), but it's still a great spot any time of day. 


Click here to see a video tour of Bir Hakeim Bridge

eiffel tower river side - CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION and not available

  Still with a great view of the Eiffel Tower, the area next to the river is scenic and offers more privacy.

Still with a great view of the Eiffel Tower, the area next to the river is scenic and offers more privacy.

Why this is a great spot for a proposal

I love being by the water and I think a lot of people do also. I love this area by the Seine river. It's charming with cobblestones, and has a terrific view of the Eiffel Tower very close up. There are sometimes a few tourists walking by, but it's much more private than any other location. 

Best time of day for a proposal here

Any time is great at this location except near nightfall. It is not suitable after 6:00 pm or so as it's too dark in this area. 




Why this is a great spot for a proposal

Many people love to be photographed at Trocadero. In fact, if you look online or Pinterest, most of the images you see are taken here. This area overlooks the Eiffel Tower from afar. It's a gorgeous view to be sure, however, as it's quite popular, depending on the time of day, there will be a lot of tourists here and souvenir vendors as well as performance artists, etc. Also, this area is sometimes closed due to special events (we don't know about it advance).

>>>I would highly recommend if you choose this area, a morning proposal. In the afternoon, there are simply too many tourists here and we cannot do surprise proposals here in the afternoon. Otherwise, you will have tourists walking in front of you, possibly spoiling your special moment and surely spoiling your photos!

There are an average of 25,000 people a day visiting this area, so the images you see here are only possible in the morning. We can do photographs here after your proposal if you wish, but there will be people in the images.

Please note, due to there always being people at Trocadero, the spot above is the only area at Trocadero where I do the actual proposal images. 

Best time of day for a proposal here

**Please note, proposal photography here is only available to start between 8:00 and 11:00 am. I cannot recommend it for proposals outside of these times due to its popularity with tourists and other photographers (difficult to get a photo without someone in it, or someone walking through your photo)**


a little neighborhood near the eiffel tower

Why this is a great spot for a proposal

This is a nice spot in a residential area, usually not filled with tourists with an excellent view of the Eiffel Tower and makes for very scenic photographs. It's really pretty, fairly private, and very close to the Trocadero area of the Eiffel Tower.

Best time of day for a proposal here

Any time is great for a proposal here. However, it is a residential location and your significant other may wonder why you're going here (that's easy, it provides a unique view of the Eiffel Tower).  It's very close to the Eiffel Tower Trocadero area, just next door and about a seven minute walk.


pont alexandre bridge


Why this is a great spot for a proposal

This is the prettiest bridge in Paris and was even featured in Woody Allen's film, Midnight in Paris. For those who don't need to be super near the Eiffel Tower, but would like to propose on a beautiful bridge with a view of the Eiffel Tower, this is a gorgeous spot.

Best time of day for a proposal here

As most Paris locations have a lot of tourists, this bridge does too. People of course walk across it and stop to take pictures, but they don't stay long. Therefore, this is a great place for a proposal any time of day.


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