Elegant newlyweds at the Eiffel Tower, pure magic | Paris honeymoon photographer

Emerald green elegance at the Eiffel Tower

There is something so special about a newlywed couple. Those first few months after the wedding are magical. As we all know, weddings can be very stressful to plan, and the day goes by in a whir. It’s during the honeymoon where you can really wind down and relax with your new spouse.

I was thrilled to meet Adam and Brittany, newlyweds from the United States. What an elegant couple, and so in love.

I absolutely love the color green, and Brittany was dressed in a divine emerald green ensemble. Of course, with her gorgeous hair, she was a stunning vision. Adam was no slacker in the wardrobe department either, wearing a vintage jacket that made him look like a million bucks.

Feel the love

It’s perfectly normal for many couples to feel self conscious during a photo session. It’s not every day you’re professionally photographed. I do my very best to ensure that my clients are comfortable. We usually have great talks during our sessions, often about travel, or our lives as Americans, or what it’s like as an American living in Paris.

As Adam and Brittany were fresh off their wedding, and their wedding photography, they were already “warmed up” for their session at the Eiffel Tower, and my job was just to capture their raw and pure emotions.

They moved with fluidity, a couple in unison, and completely connected.

Most couples are not as connected in photographs, but that is my role—to help couples feel completely at ease, and to me it’s also important to have fun. You’re at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, enjoy yourself!

Look at that sky!

It’s not enough that I had an elegant young newly married couple to photograph, that was my first gift. The second gift was the gorgeous Parisian sky. As a Paris photographer, we don’t often see the sun in Paris, it’s a cloudy kind of place. So seeing the early morning sun was a thrill even for me.

I wish Adam and Brittany a blissful married life together and hope to see them back in Paris again soon!

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