The first woman I ever photographed, together again in Paris!

Landscapes and travel

My road to portraiture photography in Paris was a bit of an accident. I had always been a landscape photographer, and someone who took a lot of photos on my vacations. In 2013, I even started selling some of my photography on Etsy and later, Amazon Handmade. I love photography, and always have.

But what happens if you do the same thing all the time? You tend to get bored, at least I do. In 2016, I was shooting with a Canon full frame camera and was looking for a new challenge, so I bought a 50mm lens, a “portrait” lens, and then wondered, who could I photograph?

I was terrified to photograph people, it’s a whole other spectrum of photography and I had no idea what I was doing. It just so happened, my colleague, Joana, was in Paris on business from Orange County, California. Joana is a gorgeous woman, model-like. She has beautiful hair, piercing eyes, and the best cheekbones I think I’ve ever seen. Plus, she’s beautiful inside as well, a truly nice lady. To my delight, she agreed to be photographed by me that day, around Paris.

It was so fun! I had no idea what I was doing, but Joana has the model gene, even though she isn’t a model (but should be). I had a ball editing the images and thus, I decided to pursue portraiture from that point forward.

Back in Paris

Fast forward two years’, Joana is back in Paris on business, with a bit of free time. She asked me if I could do a mini-session around Paris for her, now that I’m a professional photographer with tons of portraiture experience, and more importantly, a really strong knowledge of Paris and great places to do photos.

Joana told me she didn’t need to be close to the Eiffel Tower, and I’d photographed a surprise proposal at the Pont Alexandre III bridge just before we met, so we started here. What a magnificent bridge this is!

From there, we moved to the delightful Tuileries Gardens.

Autumn in Paris, such a nice time of year!

I admit, autumn is not my favorite season, just because I know what’s on the other side—winter! Rain, gloom, and general cloudiness, makes Paris winters tough. But this October we’re blessed to have had mild weather and blue skies. The trees in Paris aren’t as gorgeous in the fall as they are in other places, but I still love the way they look with the soft sunlight streaming through them.

I asked Joana if she minded some autumn photos in the garden, and I was stunned with their beauty. From there, we made a quick trip across the street to the Louvre Museum, and finally, had a bite to eat at Cafe Le Nemours.

This was such a fun shoot, with a lovely lady. It’s always a pleasure photographing her.

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