Paris proposal photographer

Practically no place is dreamier or more romantic in the world than Paris for a surprise proposal. A surprise proposal in Paris ensures a beautiful and lasting memory for your loved one for years and years to come! 

Your significant other will never forget your surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower or another Paris landmark like Notre Dame Cathedral or the quaint village of Montmartre.

I love being a Paris proposal photographer! I've become a bit of a specialist with surprise proposals in Paris. I love to do them, it warms my heart to see the love between two people and the start of a wonderful life together. To be involved in one of the most important moments in two people's lives is a huge honor for me!

A Paris surprise proposal is as special and unique as the two people involved. Most of my clients choose the Eiffel Tower for their proposal and one of the best spots for an Eiffel Tower proposal is the bridge Bir Hakeim. Here you have an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower with the bonus of a stunning bridge as a backdrop as well.

But, if you're looking for something just a bit different, the river banks of the Seine near the Notre Dame Cathedral are charming and romantic, as is the beautiful neighborhood of Montmartre, high up on the hill overlooking Paris.

Many clients ask about the best time of day for their proposal. Morning proposals are a perfect way to start the day engaged, and usually with less tourists and a quieter Paris. But late afternoon and evening proposals are also quite nice. While there are a lot more people out and privacy is less ensured, the benefit is you have already been out for the day, it can be a great surprise, and after your photo session you can have a romantic celebratory dinner.

How do the photo sessions work exactly?

I work directly with clients to determine our best scenario. In fact, capturing your proposal is really simple and does not require me to use a zoom lens or hide behind a tree or other object. I like to be close to my clients to ensure I'm capturing the moment perfectly.

Therefore, here are the most common scenarios for how we can ensure a surprise proposal is amazing:

The Tourist

The easiest thing for us to do is meet at a popular spot. You and I will decide on the time and the place to meet. This may be at the Eiffel Tower, or another location we will arrange together in advance.

As Paris has a lot of tourists, it's very believable that I should be at our meeting spot as a tourist taking photos, just like you will be. I'll give you the exact meeting spot and tell you what I look like so you can spot me quickly. Then, you just approach me and ask me to take a picture of you and your significant other with your cell phone. I’ll take your picture, hand your phone back, and from there you can propose. Then, I take images with my professional camera. It's an easy and very successful way to propose and have your images captured without spoiling the surprise.

For example: We meet at the Bir Hakeim bridge, which has a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. You casually approach me and ask me if I would mind taking your picture. As this happens all day among tourists, it's nothing out of the ordinary and your significant other will not find it odd. I will take your cell phone, and take your couples photo. I will then give the phone back to you, and ask if the photo is ok. From there, you will put your phone away, turn to your significant other, say your words, and get down on one knee to propose. During this time, they are paying attention to you, not me. I am capturing everything that is happening with my professional camera. When your proposal is over, I'll introduce myself and congratulations!

You Hired a Photographer

Another idea that some clients prefer is to hire a photographer for a photo session to capture your Paris memories. It is Paris photo session, but with a proposal thrown in! You just tell your significant other that you thought it would be nice to have some photos taken together in Paris.

For example: You tell your girlfriend Mary that wouldn't it be nice to have some nice photos in Paris to remember your vacation by a professional photographer. Mary thinks it's a great idea and wears her best dress because after your session, you're going to have a nice lunch or dinner in Paris. We all meet and start our photo session, but during a portion of it, you propose!

The Tour Guide

I'm also a former tour guide, and you might tell your significant other we're taking a Paris tour, and the tour guide also takes photos. I've done this with great success as well (and yes, I'll really give you a tour!).

For example: You and your significant other want a nice tour of Montmartre. So you hire me as your tour guide to give you a tour and during your tour, you propose. Congratulations!

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I'd love to help you with your magic moment! Contact me here to learn more!