Picture Me Paris Dream Experience in the fall | Paris vacation photographer

Stunning lady, stunning Paris locations

When Nicole contacted me about a Picture Me Paris Dream Experience, I was really excited to meet her. She was coming to Paris, visiting from the United States, and really wanted to capture her time in Paris with some images to remember. I started the Picture Me Paris Dream Experience as a way for women traveling solo to Paris (or with a partner) to really live out their Parisian photo dreams. It can be set up any way a lady likes, with up to three Parisian locations and a change out outfits if the lady prefers.

Many women also book the services of a professional hair or makeup artist to complete their look. This is information I share with each client to help them make the very best from their photo session. I also discuss in advance which locations appeal to each individual.

Nicole and I decided to meet at the Eiffel Tower to start our day. She was simply gorgeous. Everything—her hair, makeup and beautiful green dress highlighted her warm personality. We were also blessed with a sunny autumn day that had what would turn out to be perfect light.

From Trocadero to Bir Hakeim

We began at Trocadero, which has the famous full-on view of the Eiffel Tower. I took Nicole to some of my favorite locations at Trocadero and then we walked over to the bridge of Bir Hakeim, which is on the west side of the Eiffel Tower and a stunning viewpoint. Along the way we chatted and I was happy to learn more about Nicole and her life. This is actually the very best part of what I do, getting to connect and interact with really amazing people from around the world!

We finished up our Eiffel Tower portion of the day by making a quick stop at a cute Parisian café. A lot of clients love to have that classic Parisian look of enjoying a coffee in Paris, and it’s so true that sitting on a terrace is about the most Parisian thing you can do. Très français!

On to the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens

We then walked over to the most famous gardens in Paris, the Tuileries, which were alight in fall color. As we did, we passed by the famous Place de la Concorde. Why is Place de la Concorde famous? This beautiful square with its ornate fountains, was a pivotal scene during the French Revolution. Unfortunately, Marie Antoinette lost her head here during the French Revolution. Luckily, we kept our heads and came out unscathed!

Paris is a city of four seasons, and while winter is mostly gray and rainy, and rarely snows, the other seasons are spectacular. I love summer so fall makes me a little sad as I know winter is around the corner, and to be fair, Paris does not have the most stunning colors in the autumn, but where they are, I gravitate and I loved photographing Nicole in the fall colors, and her dress looked perfect set against the backdrop of the orange and yellow leaves.

I was also really happy to see some of the beautiful flowers still blooming and we photographed Nicole in the flower bed with the dreamy Louvre Museum behind us.

After the Tuileries, we went across the street to the Louvre, and captured Nicole with those amazing architectural details. A former palace to the kings and queens, it was deserted in 1692 for Versailles, but since has become the world’s #1 art museum. The architecture here is splendid!

My morning with Nicole was completely enjoyable. She was a beauty to photograph and up for anything. I so enjoyed meeting her and spending this time with her.

If you’re interested in your own Paris Dream Photo Experience, just because, or for a special occasion like Sweet 16 or Quinceañeara, you can check for more details here. I hope to see you in Paris!