Paris surprise proposal at Luxembourg Gardens

It was a peaceful, mild morning. Gentle raindrops were falling, hitting the water of the famous Medici Fountain in the Jardin de Luxembourg, in Paris. There weren't a lot of people in the park, mostly runners getting their workouts in.

I see a pretty couple approaching me, both wearing black winter coats. They stopped to take pictures of the fountain, and then, he got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. She said yes, they embraced and I introduced myself. 

Nima and Parisa live in the nation's capital, Washington, DC. I had been writing back and forth with Nima for some time, preparing for his surprise proposal in Paris. Even through email, I could tell he was warm, genuine, and had a good heart. Now, meeting him for the first time, I know I was on point with what came through via email. Strong and intelligent, friendly and kind--those are the words I could use to describe him, those were my impressions.

Parisa, Nima's fiancée, was like a big ball of light. Yes, she has blond hair, but it wasn't her hair. She radiated warmth, light, happiness and energy. The two are a perfect pair, and it showed me that when true love is there, when the match is right, the two people will find each other.

Nima wanted to incorporate the Eiffel Tower into his Picture Me Paris surprise proposal and engagement session, but at the end. He wanted to propose in a place that was a bit quieter, and less touristic than the Eiffel Tower, but still distinctly Parisian. His choice of the Medici Fountain the Luxembourg Gardens was an excellent choice. Even in winter, with its green vines that last all year long, it's a beautiful spot.

We walked around the gardens together, and then down to my favorite fountain in Paris, across from the church St. Sulpice. The fountain is known as St. Sulpice Fountain, and it's amazing. This time of year, the weather isn't on, but it's amazing nevertheless.

From St. Sulpice, which is a famous church in the Saint German des Pres area, we grabbed a taxi to the bridge of Bir Hakeim, for some amazing views of the Eiffel Tower. We usually also photograph at the Trocadero area of the Eiffel Tower, however, there is a great deal of construction going on there at the moment, setting up for a special event, and therefore a bit challenging for photos. Luckily, there are many great spots to view the Eiffel Tower!

It was so much fun spending the morning with Nima and Parisa. I know they're going to be so happy together in their married life, and I'm thrilled to have met them! 

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