Paris snow day

Paris in the winter is typically rainy and a bit chilly. This year we've had plenty of rain, in fact, the Seine River is still flooded. But we got a special surprise in the form of a good old fashioned snow storm! It's nothing compared to what I used to see back in Minnesota, where I was born, and it's quite rare in fact to have a snow storm in Paris.

In fact, it hasn't snowed here and stuck in the four years' I've lived in Paris. It rained all day and all night and this morning, the snow had piled up. In fact, the streets were so slippery that some of the bus lines weren't running. 

So everyone stayed inside, drank hot chocolate, and watched movies.

Not really!

I got up and decided to capture this rare event in photos, and I wasn't the only one. Everyone who has a camera in Paris or who is in Paris visiting and has a camera, was out doing the same thing. People were also building snowmen, as the snow was perfect for it.

Also, lots of people were throwing snowballs at each other and generally having a great time, despite it being a bit cold. 

For my part, I started at the Eiffel Tower, where I could not believe how much snow had accumulated. As I'm at the Eiffel Tower all the time, it looked so different and so pretty. I walked all the way around the Eiffel Tower, and then stuffed myself into the metro, which was super crowded. Everyone was out today enjoying the snowy weather.

I walked to the Louvre, the gardens in Paris were unfortunately closed. From there, I headed over to the Notre Dame area. The river is still quite flooded near this area, but the whiteness of the snow made everything look fresh and new.

I even spotted some red berries. Then, I started to get cold, so it was time to head home. What a fun day capturing this rare snow event in Paris!