Paris Dream Photo Session, a Model in Paris

Paris Dream Photo Session for Women

I’m super excited to share this very beautiful Paris Dream Photo Session with the lovely Anna!

What is the Picture Me Paris Paris Dream Photo Session? It’s an opportunity for women of all ages to have an extended, fabulous photoshoot in Paris with more than one location, like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame. I’ll capture you beautifully in a variety of settings, with a variety of poses, and you’re welcome to change your outfit up to three times. This is the perfect time to be glamorous in the world’s most beautiful city!

Plus, you’ll have a ton of fun!

Anna from Italy

I was so fortunate to work with Anna Liparoti! Anna is a model from Italy, living in London for many years. Anna contacted me to tell me that she was coming to Paris and wanted to add some gorgeous Parisian images to her modeling portfolio. I was really excited to meet and work with her.

The day of our photo shoot the weather was cloudy, but cloudy weather actually makes for the best photographic conditions.

Anna was absolutely lovely in person, a petite beauty with the most amazing eyes and bone structure. I find Italian women to be among the most beautiful in the world, and as a photographer, I could not stop looking at her modelesque features. 

But it wasn’t just her outer beauty which was evident. Anna has a beautiful and kind heart. She was so easy to work with and expressed her appreciation for my work.

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Photographing all around Paris

For Anna’s Dream Session, we photographed her at some of Paris’ most famous locations. We began the day at the Eiffel Tower, photographing various angles of this famous monument. Anna wore a red gown, which was perfect for her skin tone and highlighted her elegance.

Our next stop was the famous Louvre Museum. Here, Anna changed into a beautiful coral colored gown and we not only shot in the famous Louvre courtyard, with the glass pyramid, but also in the Tuileries Gardens, which are so beautiful, especially in September. I enjoyed capturing Anna in the beautiful autumnal light.

Casual Finish

Anna also wanted a polished casual look, so we also went to the gardens of Notre Dame and around Notre Dame along the Seine River and Latin Quarter for some stunning images. I didn’t want the day to be over, but after several hours’ we were both pretty tired. Modeling is not easy work!

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How about you? Can you see yourself in Paris, having an amazing time and creating amazing memories? The Picture Me Paris Dream Photo Shoot is perfect for any woman who would like to capture both her inner and outer beauty, set against the grandeur of the City of Lights!

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