Lovely engagement photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower in Paris | Paris engagement photographer

Spring has arrived!

Glorious spring is finally upon us in Paris, and is it ever wonderful! I've had spring fever for weeks now, but Mother Nature seems to finally be cooperating. On this special Paris morning, the sun was shining through the clouds, casting a warmth upon all of us, Paris photographers, capturing images of our clients to cherish forever.

On this very special day, I had the opportunity to work with a lovely Canadian couple. Zong and Shannon were visiting Paris from Vancouver. Right before coming to Paris, on their European adventure in Portugal, they also became engaged. Flush with the warmth of love and exciting beginnings ahead, they were the kind of couple I don't say a whole lot to. Rather, I stand back and let my camera capture the raw emotions they are feeling together, almost as if I wasn't there. Proposed in Portugal, beautiful engagement in Paris, what could be better?

Love and tenderness

What struck me about this couple is the love and tenderness that was so prominent. Most newly engaged couples of course have that love that shows through in images, but Zong and Shannon have something very special, and very rare. Their tender gazes and their frequent laughter showed me how comfortable they feel together, and that they are a perfect match. I loved capturing their smiles and private laughter. It was one of my most fun engagement sessions, just to be around them and to feel their emotions for each other. It was really uplifting!

Shannon looked so very spring-like too, in her white dress, it made me look so forward to the warmer days ahead in Paris.

If you're coming to Paris and would love to capture your own love story, don't hesitate to reach out to me, I'd love to work with you!