Gorgeous morning sky Eiffel Tower surprise proposal | Paris engagement photographer

The winter sky was especially beautiful at the Eiffel Tower. The stage was set for a memorable Eiffel Tower proposal. Lives would be transformed with the question, a coming together of hearts forever, and I would be lucky enough to experience it.

Can you imagine how fun it is for me to not only meet amazing people but to be there for these special moments? I'm a softie, and my heart overflows with gratitude every time I meet someone like Mark and Kim.

Kim exuded light and love. She's someone that you meet for a short time, but know you want to be friends with. Someone I could see myself lunching with or going to the movies, chatting about current events, and most importantly, laughing with. The friends you can laugh with are the best friends!

Mark, well he is a cool, laid-back guy that you can tell is a great friend, and great person to hang out with. Their two personalities melded so closely together that it was very clear to see they're a perfect match.

They arrived at Trocadero for a regular couples photo session, which is the area across from the Eiffel Tower, with spectacular views. Here's what happened next. 

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