Couples love in Paris all the way from Moscow

The rain was coming down on and off, but not even the rain could dampen the spirits of Dmitry and Svetlana, a young couple from Moscow, Russia, in Paris for the very first time.

We enjoyed exploring the areas around the Eiffel Tower together, and wow, this couple is gorgeous! Their love for each other was really clear and I think as you see below, came through so clearly in every image. Because it was a little chilly, we alternated back and forth from coats to no coats, this is always an option clients have. I loved Svetlana's coat, it was chic and tailored and she utilized several props in the form of a hat and scarf to change up her look.

The Eiffel Tower could be called environmental portraiture. That's where there are people in the images, but the architectural feature is prominent in the image. I do a mix of architectural imagery with the Eiffel Tower in my photo sessions along with more dreamy close-ups.

I really enjoyed my morning with this couple in Paris at the Eiffel Tower!