Couple in love Paris photo session | Paris engagement photographer

This couple, Alicia and Cory, were a ton of fun to work with! Energetic and up for anything, we spent an amazing Paris morning, beginning at the Eiffel Tower and then making our way to the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens. 

The pair started their photo session dressed up and then halfway through they switched into something more casual and relaxed, but still chic and hip! I loved Alicia's hat!

The flowers at the Tuileries Gardens were hitting their peak, so we took advantage of the gorgeous, sunny day. 


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engaged couple in paris at eiffel tower trocadero
paris proposal at eiffel tower
newly engaged couple at eiffel tower paris
engaged couple in paris with view of eiffel tower
kissing couple in paris with eiffel tower in background
happy couple at the eiffel tower in paris
engaged couple at the louvre in paris france
cute couple at louvre museum paris
engaged couple in love at tuileries gardens in paris
engaged couple sitting in garden in paris
couple in love in front of the louvre in paris

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