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Emeralds and the Eiffel Tower

I absolutely love the color green, don’t you? One time I thought to myself, why do I like the color green so much? I think it’s because of nature, I love nature, and green reminds me of nature. I so love emeralds that I considered having an emerald wedding ring, but then decided against it as the stones are soft. So I went with sapphire instead.

There was one thing for sure on this chilly Paris morning in March, emerald green was fantastic! This was the va va voom Coral, a lovely young lady visiting Paris from Texas, chose as her Eiffel Tower gown. She looked magnificent, despite the super cold weather.

Eiffel Tower fog

When I first met Coral I was struck with her friendliness. We chatted for a bit and then I looked and saw, oh no, the Eiffel Tower is mostly covered in fog! This does happen, especially in winter, but it wasn’t foggy at my home across town, but upon arriving at Trocadero, it was Fog City. I worried that Coral may be upset by this, but she was in good spirits and so we decided to make the best of the situation, and any way, the fog would lift eventually, right?

Honestly, fog at the Eiffel Tower is a really unique opportunity to embrace another side of this famous monument. It’s so tall it is subject to the whims of Mother Nature, but I think the fog adds some romantic mystery to Paris, at least that’s how I’ve chosen to look at it on days like this. The bright side, I guess you could say!

Trocadero to the River

We started our photo session at Trocadero and ended up at the river. Because it was so cold, I tried to keep things moving along, and Coral was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was so flawlessly natural I didn’t have to direct her to do a thing, all I had to do was capture her beauty with my camera and show her my favorite spots with views of the Eiffel Tower. She is nothing like me, a beauty with an innate sense of how to move and how she looks best.

As a lady traveling around Europe, nothing could be better than to have professional portraits done in the locations you visit, then you’ll have your vacation memories forever. While I specialize in working with couples, I also love working with solo travelers, as I’m frequently a solo traveler myself.

If you’re a lady who’d love to have photos in Paris, you may look at Coral and her elegance and ease in front of the camera and say forget it, I can’t do that. Sure you can! Most of us aren’t comfortable at all in front of a camera, myself included. But it takes practice, and honestly, with practice you can improve your posing skills.

Improve posing skills

How does one improve their “posing” skills? Here are some ideas:

  • Practice in front of a mirror. This may sound ridiculous, but it’s a great way to learn how to pose. You’ll get to try out poses and see which you prefer, which side of your face you prefer, and even which hairstyles you prefer. It’s always easier to see yourself in a mirror of course, and the practice you do will translate to the photo session, you’ll feel really confident!

  • Select the right clothing. Okay, so you bought a killer dress and heels for your Paris photo shoot, but there’s only one problem. You don’t feel comfortable in it. This is a no-no! Now to be fair, high heeled shoes are mostly NOT comfortable, that’s a given, but you won’t be wearing them all day. Uncomfortable clothing is another matter. Despite how awesome a dress looks, it must a) fit you properly and b) make you feel like a million bucks. That means it has to be a color you love and in a fabric that lets you move. Also mind your undergarments. Does your bra stick out from the top of the dress? Be mindful of that, as there’s often not much we can do on site to fix it. Do you have smooth undergarments? Pay attention to that, as you don’t want lines and that’s not something we can easily fix.

  • Test your makeup. Now’s not the time to try a new foundation or lipstick color. Go with makeup you love and that makes you feel great. The key here is to make yourself feel great before you even leave the hotel!

My thanks to Coral for her kindness and for the fun we had at the Eiffel Tower, it was a wonderful morning, the fog lifted after all, and it was a joy to photograph her!

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