Beautiful morning sky at the Eiffel Tower

What a morning! When I arrived at Trocadero this morning, the sun was coming up behind a few scattered clouds. After a day of rain, the sun was a sight to see! Also, I could feel the weather warming. When I met Ami, who lives in Texas, she said that it was so cold. I laughed a little, because this actually is feeling warm to me after a chilly winter, but to a Texan, yes, it was a little chilly.

Ami had contacted me about grabbing some images at the Eiffel Tower. She'd been to Paris before, but thought it would be fun to have some Eiffel Tower souvenirs, one you can really treasure.

Ami was a ray of sunshine, and of course, gorgeous. Her smile lit up the Paris sky and in her sunglasses, I was sure someone would mistake her for a rock star. Well, she is, she rocked her photo session and I hope will enjoy some fun memories of her time in Paris!

If you're coming to Paris and would like to do the same, don't hesitate to reach out to me to schedule your own personalized session. I can be contacted at And now, onto the images!