Beautiful autumn photo shoot in Paris | Paris engagement photographer

I was delighted to meet Katherine and Kevin for an Paris autumn photo shoot. 

They were visiting from the Bay Area of the United States, where I had spent some time myself, so I had a lot of fun talking to them about California, and of course, Paris. They were super friendly, and fun, we laughed a lot.

I particularly loved Katherine's dress, florals, which are among my favorite prints, and her cardigan matched perfectly with Kevin's. For Kevin's part, he was a great sport and really easy to work with.

Men in particular aren't often thrilled about having their photo taken, but Kevin was so easygoing and as a couple, a super joy to work with.

Paris has a some fall color, it can't compete with some cities for colorful trees, but even so, we found some crisp autumn leaves in the Tuileries Gardens and put them to good use. This is a magical time of year in Paris. Way fewer tourists, calmer, and really peaceful. I highly recommend an autumn visit to Paris.

My thanks to this gorgeous couple for spending their morning with me, discovering the Eiffel Tower, Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre.

Have a look at their beautiful images!

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No matter what the season, Paris is beautiful and romantic! Would you love to have your very own Paris photo session? Don't hesitate to contact me, I look forward to welcoming you to Paris!