An amazing surprise proposal in Montmartre | Paris surprise proposal photographer

Something colorful in the winter, Montmartre!

He’s originally from Lebanon, she’s originally from Paris. They met in Dubai and now live and work there, happily and in love. But now it was the holiday season, and Teddy and Nadia were coming to Paris to visit Nadia’s family. Teddy knew this would be the perfect time to propose to Nadia, and so he contacted me to set his plan into motion.

Because Nadia is Parisian, where could he take her in Paris that would be romantic and not too cliché? Nadia loves the quaint village neighborhood of Montmartre, high up on a hill with charming cobblestone streets and colorful buildings.

Paris in general is quite a gray city, with buildings of off white. But Montmartre has color, and lots of it. In fact, one of the most famous places for color in Montmartre (and Instagrammed to the hilt) is the famous restaurant, La Maison Rose.

Teddy looked at all of the locations on my web site and decided right in front of this cute pink restaurant was the perfect place to get down on one knee.

The moment we met

It was a cold December morning, just before the new year, but at least it wasn’t raining. The clouds were a bit low, but it gave a beautiful feeling to the neighborhood. Teddy approached me, I was standing there taking photos, acting like the tourist I often am. The truth is that I love photographing this area and it’s always a treat when I get to come here. I speak about “scenarios” on my web site, and that means, how we will connect on your surprise proposal day. Being that Paris is so busy, I had to devise a way to capture surprise proposals with the fewest tourists in your photos as possible. My biggest nightmare has always been a tourist walking in front of you when you’re on one knee and spoiling the whole moment!

Teddy asked me if I minded taking a photo of he and Nadia with his cell phone. Of course, I obliged. I was struck with how tall and handsome Teddy was, and he seemed very self assured, strong, and ready for his big moment. I took their photo, gave the phone back, and then it was time for me to spring into action. By me taking their photo (what I call the “tourist” scenario), we were able to establish that yes, this really was the couple. Additionally, I was able to create a zone where no tourists would pass through and spoil the moment Teddy was on one knee.

A lot of clients worry about this, but I blend in, and the truth is, people all over Paris all day long ask others to take their photos, so it’s nothing at all out of the ordinary.

Teddy got on one knee and shocked Nadia. She was so excited and of course said yes. She was also shocked that I was in on this special moment and of course it was captured beautifully, set against the pink restaurant.

Engagement time

I mentioned Teddy was tall and handsome, but I have to mention how pretty Nadia is. She’s a natural beauty, with gorgeous flowing hair, and the camera loves her. She was completely comfortable and as Teddy wrapped his arms around her, it was so easy to see how deeply in love they are. It was so heartwarming to see this kind of love, and to photograph them in their most loving moments was a real treat.

Most of the surprise proposal packages I offer allow us a bit of time to take some post-proposal images. For a real engagement session I always recommend another booking, either the next day or the day after, as the woman really does want to be photo ready (trust me on this guys!). Some women aren’t big on being photographed at all, but appreciate the fact that you captured your proposal to remember forever.

Other women love to be photographed with the man they love, and they can’t wait to take more photos as a newly engaged couple. You’re giving her the surprise proposal of her dreams, in Paris! Make sure you pay attention to the details, and don’t forget—I’m here for you!

My very best wishes to Teddy and Nadia for a beautiful life together, I know it will be! Thank you for choosing me to capture this amazing moment!

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