A touching surprise proposal in the Luxembourg Gardens

She said yes, again

Life leads us down many paths, and many of us when starting out, don't have the resources to do a perfect Paris surprise proposal, especially when you're young and starting out. Christopher contacted me, as many guys have also done, and explained that he was already married to his wonderful wife, Andrea, but that being they were coming to Paris, he really wanted to present her with a new engagement ring, and propose again in Paris. How romantic is that?

Christopher chose the Medici Fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens for his surprise proposal, because he explained he had proposed to Andrea near a fountain back in the U.S. when he first proposed. He liked the symbolism of it, and of course, the garden is beautiful.

We decided to meet in the evening, the couple would casually stop by the fountain enroute to a wonderful dinner.

The moment

Christopher took Andrea by the hand in front of the fountain and got down on one knee. He presented her a gorgeous ring in a blue box, and she was delighted that he had been so thoughtful as to propose in Paris, and in this most romantic setting. Christopher had also booked my package which includes a violinist and champagne, so we also walked down the street to the most beautiful fountain in Paris for some beautiful violin music, while they enjoyed their champagne on a beautiful evening.

Back to the park

After the champagne and music, we returned to Luxembourg Gardens for a mini photo shoot around the gardens, utilizing the beautiful backdrop of the palace, which is now the French Senate building, and the flower. This time of year the geraniums are in full bloom, and they make an amazing backdrop.

I learned that Andrea is a veterinarian, and being that I love animals, I of course had to ask her about her work.  Both she and Christopher were fascinating to talk to and I enjoyed getting to know them just as much as I enjoyed photographing them!

Before long, it was time for dinner, so I bid them a fond farewell, and smiled all the way home. How wonderful to see a couple so in love and happy, how great is my job?!

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