A touching Paris surprise proposal in the Tuileries Gardens with the Louvre in the background

A surprise proposal in the gardens

When Christopher contacted me about a Paris surprise proposal, he said he wanted to do something different. Meaning, not with a view of the Eiffel Tower, but another Paris landmark. Christopher and his girlfriend Lara like the outdoors, and nature. So we decided what better place to propose than at the Tuileries Gardens with a stunning view of the Louvre Museum? 

The plan

We planned to meet in the morning, as mornings are really best for photography in Paris. Paris is a sleepy town in the morning, and most tourists also aren't up and about until a little later in the day. So we selected 10:00 in the park. Christopher was so precise that he even sent me an image on Google Satellite so he knew exactly where to find me, which was amazing. I've done several surprise proposals on this spot and I love it for a few reasons.

First, the Tuileries Gardens are beautiful and peaceful in any season. During the seasons with leaves, I love this row of trees framing the very front of the majestic Louvre. Then, on the river side, you have a magnificent view of my favorite museum, the Musee d'Orsay. Additionally, while a lot of people walk past this spot and lounge on Paris lawn chairs, it's a lot less crowded than other places and I find it peaceful.

The wait

I got to my spot early and waited for the happy couple. Finally, I saw them approaching. I always ask clients for a photo beforehand, so I know who to look for. In this area, I could have certainly been covert, and hidden behind a tree, but honestly, I just don't like that idea at all. I like to have a connection with my clients, and it's so easy to do. Christopher approached me and just asked if I could take a photo of he and Lara with his cell phone. Why is this beneficial? Because I put him in the exact spot to get down on one knee, which also is a great spot for the photos. Because, after all, I'm paid to take an amazing photo of the surprise proposal, which means I have to avoid having people, I want to make sure clients are in a great spot, aligned with the moon, stars and centered, and this simple asking for a selfie, or "couplie" in this case, is a super easy thing to do.

Yes! But my girlfriend will know something is weird if I do that! Absolutely NOT! Do you know how many times I'm approached on a daily basis to take cell phone photos of tourists? EVEN when I'm already clearly working with clients?! It happens all the time, so nothing odd about it at all and I've never had one single woman say to me, well, I thought that was weird. 

The Big Moment

After I took a photo of Christopher and Lara with his cell phone, I gave it back and asked him to look at it to make sure the picture was a good one. Then the couple reviewed the photo, and then went back to what they were doing, they were on a walk. I got into position, and before long, Christopher popped down on one knee and asked Lara to marry him. Lara was overcome with emotion and it was beautiful to see the love between them.

I always give couples as much time as they need after a surprise proposal to talk and discuss, after all, he or she may be shocked and need a few minutes to recompose before introducing me.

Christopher introduced me and Lara was so nice. I asked her if she was okay with taking a few engagement photos, and she was.

Clients have the option for a short surprise proposal session plus a few engagement photos after, or if clients would like a longer engagement session and in possibly another location, that's a possibility too, I love doing them both!

A walk in the park

There are still a lot of pretty blooming trees in the Tuileries Gardens, so we took some pretty images there. I learned that Lara is a graphic artist, and that she and Christopher have been together a long time. She had no idea he was going to propose on this day, and it was a sweet surprise. We talked about life in New York City and of course, Paris. This is my favorite part of every Picture Me Paris photo session, getting to know a little about the people I'm photographing. 

I often ask couples what they love about each other. Christopher told me that Lara accepts him as he is and he can't imagine his life without her. Lara told me that Christopher is just a really good person, and became emotional. I could see that Christopher was special, and Lara also. She oozed talent and creativity, and they are a great match.

Proposing in Paris

I may be biased, but there really is no better place to propose in the world, I don't think, than Paris. It's pretty, it's vibrant, and it captures the joie de vivre (joy of living). And isn't that what starting a new life with someone all about?

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beautiful surprise proposal in the tuileries gardens in paris with a view of the louvre