A rainy, romantic Paris surprise proposal on the Inception bridge

The Paris snow of the last few days' had mostly melted, leaving just sandy walkways, making it so much easier to walk. The sun was peaking out from time to time, as I waited for my client on the bridge of Bir Hakeim.

A lot of people ask me about Bir Hakeim. What is it? Luckily, we have Wikipedia, which can describe it in more accurate historical detail than I can!

The Battle of Bir Hakeim took place at Bir Hakeim, an oasis in the Libyan desert south and west of Tobruk, during the Battle of Gazala (26 May – 21 June 1942). The 1st Free French Brigade (Général de brigade Marie Pierre Kœnig) defended the position from 26 May – 11 June against much larger Axis forces of Panzerarmee Afrika (Generaloberst Erwin Rommel).

The Panzerarmee captured Tobruk ten days later but the delay imposed on the Axis offensive by the defence of the fortress influenced the cancellation of Operation Herkules, the plan for an Axis invasion of Malta. Rommel continued to advance and invaded Egypt, slowed by British delaying actions until the First Battle of El Alamein in July, where the Axis advance was stopped. Both sides used the battle for propaganda, Winston Churchill renamed the Free French as the Fighting French and Hitler called the French the second best fighters after the Germans.

On the Bir Hakeim bridge in Paris, you'll find a statue, commemorating this battle. This also just so happens to be one of the most romantic views of the Eiffel Tower, and the bridge itself is very beautiful. Most famously known as the Inception bridge, as a pivotal scene from the movie starring Leonardo di Caprio, was filmed here, which you can see in this video. It's a sci-fi movie about creating and manipulating dreams.

This, in fact, is the bridge of dreams, as it has been many the scene of a surprise proposal and it's very popular for wedding photography as well as fashion photography. 

The wind started picking up and the skies turned dark. Before long, the skies opened and the rains came down, just as my client had arrived.

Charles and Lourdes were visiting Paris for the first time, living in Los Angeles. Due to the rain, Charles had the whole area to himself. In the pouring rain, he got down on one knee and asked Lourdes to marry him. Her reaction was really sweet, and there were tears shed (including mine).

They met at work years ago, and have been together ever since. They are a beautiful couple and the ring, ahh, the ring! So gorgeous! After the proposal, we grabbed some images on the bridge and ended at the Trocadero area, and by now the rain had stopped.

It was such a pleasure meeting this happy couple, I wish them a lifetime of joy!

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