Loving and charming expectant parents photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower

Sharp dressed couple

When I first approached John and Carmen when I arrived at the Eiffel Tower, I was stunned with how amazing they looked. Why stunned? Because it's not so easy I realize to get ready so early in the morning for a Picture Me Paris photo session at the Eiffel Tower, I mean, I have it easy. I throw on some jeans, a t-shirt and my camera bag over my shoulder. They were dressed super sharp, in black, and as someone who loves dresses, I had to comment on how pretty Carmen's dress was. They are visiting Paris from Detroit, Michigan, and being that I'm also from the Midwest, we had a lot in common.

Too much pizza?

Should I or shouldn't I? It seemed Carmen had either a) eaten a lot of pizza the night before or, b) was expecting a baby. These are sensitive times, and I wanted to be careful, but indeed Carmen is seven months along, expecting her first baby and both she and John are excited for the birth. What better way to celebrate new life than with a pretty spring photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower?

Expectant parents

I really enjoy working with expectant parents. They have a sense of excitement in their eyes, for indeed, they're going on a brand new adventure together, and their Paris photo shoot is one of the very last times they'll be together as a couple, just the two of them, before the beautiful bundle arrives from the stork.

Posing a pregnant person is not always easy, I want to make sure that they feel as beautiful as they look, which isn't easy when your center of gravity is off. But Carmen totally rocked it, she looked gorgeous in every frame. John, come to find out, used to do a bit of modeling. It wasn't a surprise at all, as he was totally at ease in front of the camera.

Capturing the love

Many couples feel a little self conscious in front of the camera. They just aren't used to it and feel a bit awkward. This wasn't the case for John and Carmen, they were completely at ease. However, it's my job as a photographer to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible, and often, I do this with laughter. I talk. A LOT. I ask about you, where you live, what you like to do, and I try to tell stories from time to time. Not in an effort to distract you, but in an effort to create a fun and non-intimidating environment. We're just friends taking pictures, that's all it really is. And we're in Paris, how great is that?

Loving spring

Before the last cherry blossoms float off their trees at the Gardens of Trocadero, I have to take advantage of every little bit of the pink petals. John and Carmen looked amazing under the pink blooms! I admit I'm a bit obsessed with spring and cherry blossoms, but I think the results speak for themselves.

Next time with baby

I had so much fun with this couple, I can't wait to see them back in Paris, the next time with their baby in tow!

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An early summertime weather romantic couples photo session at the Eiffel Tower

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

No one could have seen this coming. We just welcomed spring weather in Paris, but today, summer came knocking on our door! With temperatures of 80F, and copious sun, we Paris photographers ditched our winter coats and slipped into something summery today.

It was an amazing day to be a photographer in Paris, and I was absolutely delighted to welcome my clients from Arizona today, Justin and Christina.

They love Paris

Justin and Christina have been to Paris a number of times before, and they love the city. Justin told me that there was so much to do, they keep coming back and exploring new things. Justin is right, there is a ton to do in Paris beyond the standard tourist sites like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre.

Christina was an absolute vision. She wore a long, flowy, yet fun and really pretty dress that suited her perfectly. Her long hair was so beautiful, she reminded me of a princess, with her rosy cheeks and beautiful eyes. Justin was handsome in a colorful shirt and has an an amazing smile that really lights up everything he's around!

So in love

Married less than two years, it was obvious from the first click of my shutter that Justin and Christina are very much in love, and in love with life. They had such a natural chemistry that it's like the camera was not even there. This I think is the key when you're photographed as a couple, try to forget that the camera is there.

Admittedly, this is sometimes difficult because I love to chat with my clients and learn more about them. I realize sometimes this is akin to the dentist asking you about your life when you have a mouthful of stuff and can't answer, but in between shots I make it my mission to learn more about my clients. It's so important.

Tell me about you

I love to learn about my clients and where they live. What they do back home. Where do they like to travel? Have they been to Paris before, and if this is the first time, how are they enjoying it? How did they meet, was it love at first sight? What was their wedding day like, was it magical? I was delighted that Justin and Christina shared all of these wonderful details with me, getting married in Laguna Beach, California. I imagined their wedding must have been a dream.

The last of the cherry blossoms

I was super excited to photograph this beautiful couple under the cherry blossom trees that are still blooming (but not for much longer, sadly). It really was a dream shoot and when you're having this much fun, and enjoying your clients this much, it isn't work at all!

I can't wait to see this lovely couple the next time they are in Paris!

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Beautiful spring honeymoon photo session at the Eiffel Tower

Sawadee Ka

A few years' ago I went to Thailand, my first visit to the "Land of Smiles", as it's known. How friendly can they be, I thought? Is it all a publicity stunt? Well, to my surprise, the Thai people I encountered on my travels totally lived up to what I'd heard. They were polite, friendly, helpful, gracious, and overall amazing. The country of Thailand is beautiful, no doubt about it, but it's really the Thai people that make it beautiful, in my opinion.

Honeymoon Time

Today I had the opportunity to work with a couple from Bangkok, in Paris for the very first time, celebrating their honeymoon. Nakul and Framee got married last month in Bangkok, and flew to Paris (a long flight) to have their honeymoon in Paris. They wanted a photo session to commemorate their marriage and time in Paris.

My first impression of this couple was from their warm smiles. Friendly, fun and ridiculously photogenic, we talked a bit about the United States, where they'd both studied, and also my time in Thailand. We talked about their wedding, which sounded amazing.

Post-Wedding Dress and Spring Blooms

Framee explained to me that the dress she was wearing, which was fun with tons of movement and a 1920s vibe, was her "after party" dress from her wedding, and that she had danced the night away in it. I took this as my queue to make sure we incorporated some dance moves into their Paris photo shoot.

Everyone I think has a dream to be photographed at the Eiffel Tower. It's such an iconic monument, that just to view it evokes romance and emotion. With a gorgeous couple like this, we had romance in spades.

I took Nakul and Framee to my favorite spots for photographs at Trocadero. My aim is to get close-up shots that are warm and personal, as well as panoramic shots which are sweeping, and dramatic.

Also, being that the Paris cherry blossoms are in bloom at the moment, I take every opportunity I can to photograph people under the beautiful blossoms, and also with the beds of bright yellow tulips which are blooming right now.

Warmer, sunnier days have arrived in Paris, and I could not be more thankful.

I also could not be more thankful for opportunities to work with warm, kind and loving couples like this one. I wish them a happy marriage and hope to see them in Thailand one day!

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A sunny, sweet surprise proposal in the Notre Dame Gardens in Paris

First Contact

When Stuart, visiting from Belfast, contacted me to capture his surprise proposal in Paris, he was looking for something a little different. The Eiffel Tower is a perennial favorite surprise proposal location, but he wanted to surprise his love, Robyn, in a beautiful spot in Paris that was unique. We talked it over and came up with a great plan, one that is perfect for April in Paris!

After a little though, Stuart selected the gardens behind the grand Notre Dame Cathedral, and what perfect timing too! Spring has started, finally, and the famous cherry blossoms are just starting to pop out. The spring plantings are bright and colorful, and it could not have been a nicer, sunnier, day for a Paris surprise proposal!

The Lovely Gardens

I met the couple in the park, but as it was a surprise, Robyn didn't know it was happening, so the pure emotion from this lovely couple brought a tear to my eye. They were both dressed in beautiful outfits of blue. Their love for each other was so evident from the moment I set my eyes on them. 

Stuart and Robyn have a rich and happy life together, only enhanced now with a beautiful ring and beautiful engagement.

Here Comes the Sun

What was that bright ball in the sky? We don't see the sun so often in Paris, so while it was beautiful and warm, it made it a bit of a challenge for an early afternoon surprise proposal. We had a few shadows to contend with but overall, I think we captured some beautiful surprise proposal and engagement photos in Paris that I hope this kind and beautiful couple will treasure forever.

I look forward to welcoming them back to Paris for their anniversary!

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Lovely engagement photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Spring has arrived!

Glorious spring is finally upon us in Paris, and is it ever wonderful! I've had spring fever for weeks now, but Mother Nature seems to finally be cooperating. On this special Paris morning, the sun was shining through the clouds, casting a warmth upon all of us, Paris photographers, capturing images of our clients to cherish forever.

On this very special day, I had the opportunity to work with a lovely Canadian couple. Zong and Shannon were visiting Paris from Vancouver. Right before coming to Paris, on their European adventure in Portugal, they also became engaged. Flush with the warmth of love and exciting beginnings ahead, they were the kind of couple I don't say a whole lot to. Rather, I stand back and let my camera capture the raw emotions they are feeling together, almost as if I wasn't there. Proposed in Portugal, beautiful engagement in Paris, what could be better?

Love and tenderness

What struck me about this couple is the love and tenderness that was so prominent. Most newly engaged couples of course have that love that shows through in images, but Zong and Shannon have something very special, and very rare. Their tender gazes and their frequent laughter showed me how comfortable they feel together, and that they are a perfect match. I loved capturing their smiles and private laughter. It was one of my most fun engagement sessions, just to be around them and to feel their emotions for each other. It was really uplifting!

Shannon looked so very spring-like too, in her white dress, it made me look so forward to the warmer days ahead in Paris.

If you're coming to Paris and would love to capture your own love story, don't hesitate to reach out to me, I'd love to work with you!