A sophisticated, classy family photo session at the Eiffel Tower

Family Time in Paris

I love this time of year, because it's when I have the opportunity to work with wonderful families, who are here now on vacation. During the winter, there are not many families visiting Paris as the children are in school. But come May, there is a wonderful stream of families visiting Paris and I have the good fortune to work with many of them.

Such as this family! Jessica and her husband Dan were in Europe on a business trip, and were traveling around Europe. Later, they were joined by their wonderful daughters and Jessica's mother for a fun vacation in Paris. 

Jessica contacted me to book a session at the Eiffel Tower. Most families prefer to be photographed at the Eiffel Tower, so my service offering focuses on it, however, I'd be happy to photograph your family anywhere in Paris. 

Stunning looking family

This was one good looking family! Let's start with Jessica. Her black dress was classic, yet fun, with its detailed sleeves. She looked like a million bucks. So did her husband, Dan. When I put my eye to the viewfinder on my camera, and zoomed in on his eyes, I was stunned. I have never seen bluer or more gorgeous eyes. They just sparkled, and of course, he looked handsome and professional in his suit.

So, you have elegant mom, sharp dressed dad, now what about the kids? If I'm to be honest, and I'm always honest, the reality is some kids just don't like having their picture taken. In the age of selfies, Instagram, Facebook etc, you'd think this wouldn't be the case, but I've worked with a lot of families where the kids--pre-teens and teenagers mostly (and of course toddlers sometimes) really aren't that thrilled with the whole idea.

I can totally relate. When I was 13, I really didn't want anything to do with family activities, I preferred to be in my room listening to music and writing. Therefore, I'm always impressed when I meet a family like this, because their daughters were absolutely lovely!

They were kind and friendly and fun, and most importantly, they were able to go with the flow, and had some really amazing ideas for photos.

Clients have the best ideas

I shoot at Trocadero, near the Eiffel Tower, nearly every day. It's the most popular spot for photography in Paris. I think I know every staircase, every wall, every slab of concrete and every angle, but I'm always finding more spots, believe it or not and often my clients will have great ideas too. 

In this case, one of the young women asked if we could do a Kardashian-style look, or as it's also commonly known Vogue style. The Kardashian family popularized this look some years' ago with their Christmas card, and it was actually really fun to recreate. It's not a formation I'd normally suggest for a family, but this family was up for it and this is what I love--the creativity that comes from collaboration. 

So much fun with this family

I know I've said it already, but I really did have so much fun with this family. They were kind, chatty (I love this!) and super friendly. They were up for anything, and were determined to make the best of their photo session, which they absolutely did. I do hope they enjoyed their session as much as I enjoyed photographing them, and I can only hope that the next time they're in Paris they contact me again so I have the pleasure of photographing them once more.

If you're interested in a family photo session in Paris at the Eiffel Tower, or another location, check out the family page of my web site for more details. See you in Paris!

Dreamy, romantic Paris photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower in the rain

Honeymoon in the rain

Aimee and Kristian love each other, a lot! It was so lovely to meet them and feel their love for each other. It was one of those photo sessions that was so easy, they interacted in the most kind and loving way, and it was my job to capture it. 

This charming couple visiting from the United States chose to celebrate their honeymoon in Paris. There was just one problem. The forecast was for buckets of rain. Being a Paris photographer now for quite some time, I've learned that if you don't photograph in the rain in Paris, you may never photograph. It's just a rainy place. Just like London.

The challenges of photographing in the rain for me? Just holding my umbrella, and trying to keep my gear dry. For my clients, as long as they have a cute umbrella, they can create romantic, dreamy images in the Paris rain. 

Also, you can probably see that part of the Eiffel Tower is not visible. When it rains, low clouds move in. While this may be distressing to some people, the foggy atmosphere actually creates a romantic Paris that is calm, peaceful, and beautiful in its own right.

Two great sports

It was obvious Aimee had done her hair beautifully. I was jealous with her natural looking waves, I can never get that kind of look with my hair, but she pulled it off effortlessly. Even in the rain. Kristian's suit was perfect on him, and with the rain, we were about the only people at Trocadero, we had the place to ourselves!

They were great sports, and up for anything. I took advantage of their warm and positive nature and posed them in some of my favorite locations at the Eiffel Tower.

The Trocadero fountains

It's a huge treat this time of year that the fountains at Trocadero are on. They are turned on at the end of May and are turned off by the beginning of August, when the workers go on their summer holidays. The fountains are maintained with chlorine, keeping them looking pretty and clean. It's so sad when they are off, which is most of the year, but this time of year when they're on it's thrilling.

I've been positioning my clients at various points around the fountains, creating dreamy and artistic effects with the water droplets. I hope my clients love this variety as much as I love shooting it.

Every half hour the giant canons spray out giant torrents of water, into the reflecting pools below. Here's what the Paris Tourist Office says about the fountains:

If there is one garden you really must visit when you go to the Eiffel Tower, it’s the Trocadéro gardens. Created for the Universal Exposition in 1937, this green space of nearly 10,000 m² offers a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower dominating the capital (don’t forget your camera). The centrepiece of the gardens is the famous Warsaw fountains which, with its 20 water cannons, offers a remarkable water display, especially on summer evenings when the illuminations around the fountains add to the attraction. There are a number of sculptures to be admired, including gilded bronze animal statues, and the two stone statues, 'L'homme' by Pierre Traverse and 'La Femme' by Daniel Bacqué.

I, for one, am really enjoying the fountains!

Your photo session

Would you love a romantic photo session like Aimee and Kristian? First thing, pack your favorite cute outfits. Prepare to have a lot of fun. Be excited for the photographs we capture together, that you'll hopefully look back on with fondness for many years.

More information on couples romantic photo sessions in Paris can be found here. See you soon in Paris!


An elegant surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower, followed by a gorgeous Louvre engagement session

An elegant couple at the Eiffel Tower for a surprise proposal

Nick, hailing from the US, contacted me to discuss a surprise proposal and I was happy to help him plan one of the most important moments in his life. When he and his girlfriend Dina arrived at Trocadero, Eiffel Tower, I was wowed. They stepped out of their taxi looking elegant, sophisticated, and perfectly Parisian. 

Nick told Dina that they were doing a photo shoot in Paris. And that was the truth! We did a photo shoot, in two places, but for a little slice of that time, there was a secret. 

We were blessed with a gorgeous, mild Paris morning. I always love it when couples dress up for their Paris photo session. Paris is such an elegant place, that photos always look their best when couples dress up and also, any color, such as the gorgeous red in Dina's dress and the pop of red on Nick's tie, really stand out, in a very good way.

So in love

One of the first things I realized after meeting Nick and Dina was how nice they were to talk to. The best part of what I do is getting to know people, hear their stories, and sharing about Paris or many other topics.

I walked the couple to one of the very best vantage points for the surprise proposal to come. Nick then took this moment to ask Dina to marry him. It was really sweet and I found myself with a tear in my eye, as I was photographing them. What a gorgeous proposal, in a gorgeous place, with two gorgeous people in love!

Dina was very surprised, Nick was a bit relieved (all guys are a bit nervous about this moment) and I was happy to have captured the moment, my favorite thing to do.

We continued with beautiful photography around the Eiffel Tower and then we headed over to the Louvre courtyard, an absolutely perfect spot for some engagement photos.

Engagement photos in Paris

Couples who are already engaged can book an engagement session for one or two hours. Couples who want to incorporate a surprise proposal with an engagement session can also do that, with the engagement session being on the same day or next day.

The Louvre is a stunning location for engagement photos, particularly when you're wearing a gown and suit. In addition to the famous glass pyramid entrance, I like to incorporate the intricate walkways and benches as well. 

Also, if there is time, I love to pop next door to the Tuileries Gardens, especially in the summer when it's nice and green.

Plan your engagement session

It was a real pleasure to work with such an amazing couple, full of love and light. I wish them so much happiness in their married life together, and thank them for choosing me to capture this amazing moment in their lives.

If you're interested in your own surprise proposal or engagement session, please contact me, I'll be glad to help!.

Bright and colorful engagement photo session on the hill of Montmartre in Paris

Montmartre, a scenic spot for a Parisian photo session

There is a charming spot in Paris that is usually filled with tourists all day long. Except int he morning. This spot is called Montmartre, the location of the Sacre Coeur Basilica. It's high up on a hill overlooking Paris, and was once a little village. It's a quite famous area too, bohemian in nature, and has drawn artists for centuries.

Did you know you can even find a roman amphitheater there?

I always like to refer to Wikipedia too, for some great info:

Archaeological excavations show that the heights of Montmartre were occupied from at least Gallo-Roman times. Texts from the 8th century cite the name of mons Mercori (Mount Mercury), and a 9th-century text speaks of Mount Mars. Excavations in 1975 north of the Church of Saint-Pierre found coins from the 3rd century and the remains of a major wall. Earlier excavations in the 17th century at the Fontaine-du-But (2 rue Pierre-Dac) found vestiges of Roman baths from the 2nd century.

During the Belle Époque from 1872 to 1914, many notable artists lived and worked in Montmartre, where the rents were low and the atmosphere congenial. Pierre-Auguste Renoir rented space at 12 rue Cortot in 1876 to paint Bal du moulin de la Galette, showing a dance at Montmartre on a Sunday afternoon. Maurice Utrillo lived at the same address from 1906 to 1914, and Raoul Dufy shared an atelier there from 1901 to 1911. The building is now the Musée de Montmartre.[10] Pablo PicassoAmedeo Modigliani and other artists lived and worked in a building called Le Bateau-Lavoir during the years 1904–1909, where Picasso painted one of his most important masterpieces, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Several noted composers, including Erik Satie, lived in the neighbourhood. Most of the artists left after the outbreak of World War I, the majority of them going to the Montparnasse quarter.[11]

So as you can see, this area is so historic, but what you may not know is how colorful it is.

A bit of color, please

Paris in general is very gray. Mostly cloudy most of the year, and the beautiful buildings are whites and off whites. It's hard to find some color, and while the city is dazzling, sometimes I miss color. But you can find lots of romantic and pretty colors in Montmartre, from blues to reds to pinks. 

I have all of my favorite spots and was excited to meet Jenny and Spencer, visiting Paris from Australia, for their engagement session in Montmartre. Spencer had requested Montmartre, because they were looking for something just a bit different. Something other than the Eiffel Tower. Jenny was a little disappointed she wouldn't be seeing the Eiffel Tower, however, there is actually a far-away view of the Eiffel Tower from Montmartre.

Jenny added some bright color of her own, by choosing a deep red/crimson dress, that looked stunning on her. Spencer also looked handsome. We met at the metro Abbesses, which is one of the famous metro stations in Art Nouveau style. 

The station's entrance, designed by Hector Guimard (1867–1942), is one of only two original glass-covered Guimard entrances, called édicules (kiosks), left in Paris (the other is located at Porte Dauphine, while a third, replica édicule exists at Châtelet). Though a Guimard original, the édicule at Abbesses was originally located at Hôtel de Ville but was transferred to its current location in 1974. The entrance is technically anachronistic, since line 12 of the Paris metro was built by a competing firm, the Nord-Sud Company, which did not hire Guimard but engaged other architects to design its stations and station entrances.

Across from the metro station, went to the Wall of I Love You's, where I love you is written on tiles in many languages. It's a wonderful spot for people in love to spend some time!

Think pink

Two of my favorite spots for Montmartre photography is the restaurant called La Maison Rose, on a charming, winding street, and the Au Lapin Agile cabaret, a little historic house that has been the scene for merriment for decades. 

If you like the color pink, this is the spot for you! On the hill of Montmartre you'll also find lots of greenery in summer, including the vineyards on the hill.

The perfect place for people in love

I can't really think of a more charming and beautiful place in Paris for engagement photos. Especially if you come in the morning, it's quiet and you have the whole hill top almost all to yourselves. Imagine roaming around, hand in hand, in the early morning, taking a nice stroll and then sitting down to a nice croissant and café when the restaurants open. What a charming way to spend a day in Paris!

Photo shoot in Paris Montmartre

If you'd coming to Paris and would like to do a photo session, just a bit different than the Eiffel Tower, this may be for you! Contact me at contact@picturemeparis.com


A wedding anniversary celebration at the Louvre Museum in Paris

Where does the time go?

When I met Tram-Anh and her husband Charles for their Picture Me Paris couples anniversary photo session, I could barely believe my ears. Why? Because Tram-Anh told me they were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary on that very day. I took one look at Tram-Anh and could not believe she'd been married 15 years, she looked so young, and so did Charles! It's clear that this couple from the United States is one happy couple, it really showed in their face.

15 years ago on this date

I asked Tram-Anh and Charles about their wedding 15 years ago. What it had been like, how many people attended, and if it was the dream day they had wanted, and they said yes. It's always so fun to hear about the experiences of others. It's one of the things I like best about my job, learning about the couples I work with and getting to know them better. It was super special also that our Paris photo session was on the very same date they got married.

This kind and warm couple were perfectly coordinated in red outfits, which is a great color in Paris. Despite the fact we have some great parks and gardens in Paris, much of the landscape is concrete (think: architecture). So adding some color with an outfit is a great way to enhance a photo experience.

Our route

We started our Diamond photo session, which is two hours and in two Paris locations at the Eiffel Tower. But then we made our way to the magnificent Louvre courtyard. This setting is befitting an anniversary, as the kings and queens of France used to live here, and you should be a king and queen on your anniversary!

I love this time of year, as the fountains are going, and there is water in the reflecting pool. I don't think visitors realize how rare this is, the pools are only filled for a few short months before they are drained for the season, so the water features are an extra special touch. You may also find a beautiful mallard duck swimming in the reflecting pools.

The Louvre is massive, and in the past, I'd stay in the forecourt, where the famous pyramid, designed by world famous Chinese American architect I.M Pei (who is 101 years old) is. But now I've also started to go to the back courtyard, which is really charming and regal with its cobblestones.

I love the benches back here, as well as the colorful doors and sculptures, and you can also get a peek of the Louvre collection through the windows. It's history right at your feet.

It was pretty sunny, so Tram-Anh and Charles donned their sunglasses for part of their session. 

It was so lovely to meet this couple, and share in this special moment of an anniversary.

There's no better way to commemorate an anniversary than in the city of love. Plan your own right here.